Mets Latest Bullpen Collapse Raises Questions About Jenrry Mejia Role

Let’s face it, D.J. Carrasco was gone before Todd Frazier’s home run landed. Carrasco was designated for assignment after last night’s bullpen meltdown, the perpetrators being Jon Rauch and Carrasco. The victim, not surprisingly, was Johan Santana.

MEJIA: Mets undecided.

Taking Carrasco’s spot on the roster will be left-hander Robert Carson from Double-A Binghamton.

With Chris Young expected back into the rotation by early June, that leaves the Mets with the dilemma about what to do with Jenrry Mejia. He has the stuff to be a lights out closer, that is when his command is on. What he doesn’t have yet is mastery of his secondary pitches. The Mets are working with him on that as a starter.

Two years ago, under Jerry Manuel’s watch, the Mets brought him up to work out of the bullpen. He had flashes, both mostly was hammered and demoted, where he was put into the rotation and eventually hurt his arm. Manuel insisted on Mejia because he was worried about his job security. ┬áThat didn’t work out well for Mejia or Manuel.

Despite pitching as a starter now, the organization doesn’t know what Mejia’s future role will be. If Bobby Parnell made it as a closer, this decision would have already been made.

But, he didn’t and the bullpen remains a mess. That they signed Frank Francisco to two years means they don’t have faith in Parnell as closer and lingering doubts about Mejia’s durability.

It is easier to make the transition from starter to reliever than the reverse. The Mets have had plenty of time to decide. One or the other.

3 thoughts on “Mets Latest Bullpen Collapse Raises Questions About Jenrry Mejia Role

  1. Why do you bring this up?

    They took a very green young starter and put him in the pen. Then they didn’t use him at all and he blew out his arm after they sent him down and seemed to want to hurry him back up.

    Sybil was a disaster. I could use more adjectives but you would just edit them.

    Carson is a good choice to bring up. He has done well in the minors and has pitched.

    Jenrry has just started pitching again. As you say he lacks command. I think he is in A ball. Why not let him learn to pitch for the next 2 years? We have 3 other guys that do not have injuries and are pitching at higher levels. They will get a taste in September.

  2. do not rush the prospects, especially not a guy coming off surgery.
    Look at other organizations and see how they groom their young pitchers, and then let them rehab if they have surgery (like the Nats with Zimmermann and Strasburg).
    A Gooden or Strasburg comes along once in a blue moon. Bringing up Mejia when they did was foolish at the time. Bringing him up now would be just as foolish.
    Let him start, let him refine his pitches. If in a couple of years you either a) don’t need another starter or b) see he is better suited for the pen, then you make the move.
    Don’t do it now.
    Even is Acosta is terrible.