Fred Wilpon Praises David Wright With Superstar Label

Last year, Mets owner Fred Wilpon called David Wright: ”A really good kid. A very good player. Not a superstar.”

That was when Wright was struggling and before it was learned he played a month with a small fracture in his back.

Now healthy and stroking line drives at a near .400 clip, Wilpon said this morning Wright was “playing like a superstar.”

Wilpon made his comments this morning at City Hall with the announcement the Mets would host the 2013 All-Star Game.

It is becoming more and more likely that if Wright plays in the game, he will do so representing the Mets.

The organization still faces a mountain of debt, but stung over the criticism of not making an offer to Jose Reyes – they should have just for show – losing Wright would be a serious public relations flop.



One thought on “Fred Wilpon Praises David Wright With Superstar Label

  1. What do I care what this clueless owner says about the team’s star player?

    David is playing well and has found his stroke.

    I think the team needs to sign him. How will it look to have the Mets host the all star game and not have a star in the lineup? After all it is ALL about image with these guys ( Freddy) it isn’t about substance.

    You know the ‘competitive’ thing. Not we want to win it all and take the championship. We want to aspire to be competitive which I take to mean we want to play games in September and be mathematically in the hunt for the post season and not mathematically eliminated in July.