David Wright Should Be Named Captain At The Right Time

I’ve advocated David Wright as Mets captain several times on this blog, first at the end of the 2006 season. There’s nobody else remotely close to consider, but like the others this would be an awkward time.

WRIGHT: Captain material.

Before, there was the fear of how much weight he would carry in a room that featured veterans Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado. Jose Reyes, you might recall gravitated toward Delgado for advice despite his well publicized friendship with Reyes.

Then, when Beltran was injured and everybody knew he was leaving, there was the risk of alienating the temperamental Reyes.

Reyes is gone now, but the Mets still aren’t moving, and won’t do so until Wright’s contract is resolved. How embarrassing would it be for the Mets to name Wright captain and have him leave as a free agent? That could only happen to the Mets.

Wright has the qualifications. He’s an everyday player who produces. He’s always willing to work with younger players. He commands the respect of everybody in that clubhouse, which was heightened by his actions last night when he wanted to be the target instead of his teammates for retaliation of  DJ Carrasco’s plunking of Ryan Braun.

He’s usually one of the first Mets to show up to spring training, and works long hours on his craft. He is the unquestioned go-to guy for the media when a comment is needed on an issue.

There are two optimum times for when the Mets should make this announcement. The first is the most obvious, when he is re-signed. The second could be Opening Day of next season.

But, it really doesn’t matter when as long as they do it.



2 thoughts on “David Wright Should Be Named Captain At The Right Time

  1. They should make him captain now and then fail to offer him a contract and have him leave blaming the organization for hating him.

    That would be fun to watch.