Terry Collins Sticks With Frank Francisco As Mets Closer

I’m not crazy about the idea of the Mets sticking with struggling closer Frank Francisco, and definitely wasn’t as the ninth inning started to get away. However, when that ball stayed up in the right-center gap, it ensured Francisco would remain the closer for another day.

COLLINS: Being consistent.

Collins dismissed the idea of replacing Francisco, even temporarily, from the spot where the Mets will pay him $12 million for two years. I didn’t like the signing then, and I don’t like it now. Maybe Sandy Alderson is having second thoughts, but with that commitment unless Francisco becomes a total bust he’ll stay.

Collins didn’t say salary was the reason, but somewhere it must come into play.

The Mets are winning in part because their chemistry has been good, and mostly Francisco has contributed to that. Francisco’s recent struggles are too small a window to make the decision, Collins said. Removing Francisco has a trickle down effect throughout the bullpen. Jon Rauch’s role changes, so to does that of Tim Byrdak and Bobby Parnell.

There are rough times and there is unraveling, and changing everybody’s role alters the chemistry and changes everything. I recall the Mets doing than at the end of the 2007 season during their epic collapse.

For years, with Jerry Manuel and before him Willie Randolph, a complaint has been waffling from the managers’ office. Collins has mostly stayed with his position of issues this spring and he’s doing do again. It displays loyalty, a sense of confidence and consistency. It has worked before in the manager-player dynamic and could do so again.

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3 thoughts on “Terry Collins Sticks With Frank Francisco As Mets Closer

  1. Yeah. I don’t see them changing, but Francisco sucks.

    He will not do the basics. His control is so so and he refuses to throw over to keep the runner honest. This loses games. I guess it breaks his concentration. It is what it is, but the pitcher we gave away is better although he had his issues and he is not much better although I prefer him to this guy.

    • dave: K-Rod is better, no doubt, but he’s nearly double the price. Francisco’s control isn’t good and when he loses it he loses it big time and is easily unnerved. In that respect he reminds me of Armando Benitz.-JD

      • I thought our guy is 6 million a year for 2 years while KRod signed a one year 8 million dollar deal?