Ike Davis Erupts As Mets Sweep

Yesterday, I suggested the Mets need to hone a killer instinct and complete the sweep of the Phillies when they were down. There won’t be a premature “Mission Accomplished” announcements because we’ve seen hot stretches cool before, but it was a significant step.

DAVIS: Breaking out (AP)

Five games over .500, somewhere they haven’t been since 2010. If I remember correctly, that was Jerry Manuel’s last big moment with the Mets which triggered their slide. It was when Jose Reyes was rushed off the disabled list and you know what happened next.

They won despite a poor outing from Dillon Gee – he called it his worst of the season – and overcoming a good start from Cliff Lee. It was also the 11th time they have come from behind (most in the majors) and Collins reiterated the idea of jumping on a team when it is down.

“We came in and got them at the right time and took advantage of playing hard,” Collins said. If something happened, there was a mistake, we capitalized on it. It was a great trip for us. We’ll enjoy it for a while and get ready for this weekend.”

This weekend will be Miami and Reyes again. Want to bet they’ll be a little jacked from last time?

What I took most from last night, after switching back and forth from the Rangers and Knicks – mostly the Rangers because the Knicks were mugged early and often – was the resurgence of Ike Davis.

Before the game I started to think maybe a benching or visit to Buffalo might help, but he needed to work out his problems on this level. You can’t learn to hit major league pitching by hitting minor league pitching, right? Take the training wheels off and make him fight his way through the tough times. That’s always the best teacher.

Letting Davis work his way out of his slump – and last night’s homer was just a step – demonstrates confidence in the player and for a young team it is a message well received.

We know the Mets are a young, building team, and their core is what we see on the field every night. Benching key players this early is not the best way to learn.

Pitchers are constantly working Davis away with breaking stuff and if he chases as he has been there’s no reason to give him a fastball.

Perhaps last night was a good step for him.

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One thought on “Ike Davis Erupts As Mets Sweep

  1. Yes. The coach benched Ike and dropped him in the lineup. As he has shown progress he has moved him up.

    The coach sent a message as well as took some pressure off him. Perhaps he has solved his issues.

    One more point in Collins’ favor.