Mets Go For The Throat; Dillon Gee Gets Crack

The Mets have won 17 games this young season, ten of the come-from-behind variety and seven by one run. They have won six series, sweeping two. They go for the sweep today in Philadelphia.

Doing so will represent another step in their development. Contending teams close out games and close out series. Winning a series winning two of three is great, but sweeping is better.

Sweeping represents a sense of dominance and reinforces confidence. I know what you’re thinking; I’m being greedy. Maybe so, but doesn’t that signify a new attitude about this team?

Today it’s Dillon Gee going, and twice now Terry Collins let him pitch out of trouble when he was on the ropes. That demonstrates confidence, something you rarely saw Jerry Manuel give his pitchers.

I mention that not to rip Manuel as that would be piling on. I do say it to show the difference in attitude and culture between Manuel and Collins.

Manuel came on strong at first, taking out Jose Reyes in his first game. He then regressed, taking an unequal approach in dealing with players and afraid to be forceful with the deadwood. Then again, in all fairness, that message – in dealing with Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo – came from up top.

Things are different now. The Mets are infusing themselves with young, homegrown talent. You don’t often see guys not running out ground balls. There are occasional fundamental lapses, but they aren’t as frequent. That explains in part the winning.

The Mets haven’t hit this well with two outs in as long as I can remember. The defense from early questions – Daniel Murphy, Lucas Duda and Josh Thole – is better than anticipated, as is the starting pitching.

Something else the Mets have done, and this is another mark of a contender, is winning within the division and beating teams when they are done. They’ve won two series from the struggling Phillies, swept the Braves when they limped out of spring training without Chipper Jones, and swept the Marlins during their slow start.

Things have changed with the 2012, and that includes the expectations. Have yours changed?


8 thoughts on “Mets Go For The Throat; Dillon Gee Gets Crack

  1. “The Mets have won 17 games this young season, ten of the come-from-behind variety and seven by one run. They have won six series, sweeping two. ”

    I do not recall the last time we have come from behind or won our share of one run games. It has been a while since that happened.

    Yesterday I heard Keith criticize Omar saying he was glad the last regime was out. I was like wow. He then tried to save it by saying he wasn’t criticizing Omar. But he said it..

    Yes. Sybil was a terrible coach. I don’t know how he ever got a job being the top guy. It was clear from his time here that he is bad at pretty much everything from making the team play fundamentally sound to making out a lineup to being fair to the players to setting a tone.

    My expectations have changed in that I am glad we are building on last year. We are approaching the game the right way and play together. The young guys come up and contribute and we play the game the right way. I still think we end up last and will go on a large and deep losing streak late in the season because the pitching is just not good enough. It doesn’t help that we lost BigPelf. Say what you want about his ability to pitch but he gives you 200 innings and on this team that means a lot.

    • dave: I believe one of the first signs a team is reaching the next level is when it starts to find ways to win close games instead of losing them. … As far as Keith criticizing Omar Minaya, there is some justification. However, in looking at the roster, many of these guys were signed during Minaya’s regime and those are points in his favor.-JD

      • Yes. Many of these guys were signed by Omar. The flip side is look at the ones promoted during his tenure. Pelf is a mess, Thole is still learning his position, FMart has been a bust and has no fundamentals, I don’t know where Lastings is, Church isn’t playing anymore, etc.

        His track record sucks.

  2. Manuel talked the talked
    TopCat walks the walk. No empty promises. I m happy with this team: