Don’t Go Pining For Jose Reyes In Wake of Ruben Tejada Injury

Ruben Tejada has a strained right quad and within the last hour the Mets placed him on the disabled list. It looks as if they’ll play with Justin Turner until Ronny Cedeno comes off the disabled list.

TEJADA: Headed for DL (AP)

Already there have been postings about how the Mets now miss Jose Reyes. Where’s the news in that?

Tejada is injured and Reyes is gone, and let’s just say it was a mutual decision by both parties. We knew something would eventually happen that would bring Reyes back into the picture. He would either get hurt or struggle, or Reyes would go on a tear.

Well, it has happened. The Mets have kept it together well with Reyes gone, better than many expected. No sense in going back there as Reyes is not coming back.


6 thoughts on “Don’t Go Pining For Jose Reyes In Wake of Ruben Tejada Injury

  1. I am not pining for Jose.

    Ruben has been solid. Jose is better but I am fine with a 20 year old shortstop who has proven he belongs.

  2. “As for a middle-infield defense of Turner and Daniel Murphy Monday, Collins said: “It’s what we got.”

    Strong words of support from the manager.

  3. Need a shortstop? I was talking to a former Mets shortstop yesterday-Bud Harrelson. I went to the LI Ducks game and he was autographing copies of his new book “Turning Two”. I asked him if he thought Yogi made the right decision in 1973 starting Seaver and Matlack on three days rest. He said things like that are pure conjecture… you never know how it would have turned out if they started Stone and Seaver in game 7, that Matlack pitched well in Game 4. Not sure if he was wearing 1969 or 1986, I heard him mumbled something about giving a ring to his son for his 30th birthday. Good readable book..not real deep thinking but some nice notes along the wayI hadn’t hear,,like Bud got fired with 6 games left in 1991 because Harazin was going to replace Cashen and he refused to start his administration off firing a Mets legend. Pete Rose owns the rights to the photo of famous fight the two had in 1973. Bud will sign a copy if you send a SASE but no message other than “Bud Harrelson 10/8/73″…apparently people ask him for some strange comments. Throwing the first pitch I was reminded of his motion throwing the ball.

    • Dan: Great story. The gamble is not getting to a Game 7 and having your best guy not available. It’s part of what makes this game so great. When it comes to fate, I always go back to Game 6 of the 1986 playoffs when if they didn’t win they would have had to face Mike Scott in Game 7.-JD