Johan Santana Gives Mets Ace Effort

Once again, Johan Santan pitched like an ace for the Mets. Not so much in domination as he did working out of trouble and finishing strong. Only this time, the Mets got him some runs, the bullpen closed the door and a losing streak was snapped at four.

The Mets are a fragile team, thin actually, and they can’t afford to let losing streaks drag on and get out of hand. That’s how seasons can slip away.

This is also a team that must be creative, such as dropping Daniel Murphy to fifth in the order with Ike Davis slumping. Murphy responded with four hits, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him there again today.

For the most part, there’s little to complain about Terry Collins. He changed the culture of the clubhouse and has gotten the most from what has been made available to him.

I don’t know where the Mets will finish this season, but for some reason I don’t feel as bleak about things as I once did. I want to enjoy this summer.

2 thoughts on “Johan Santana Gives Mets Ace Effort

  1. Yes. I like the manager too.

    Dickey almost completed a game and we won. He is our Ace.

    Read this about our pitching:
    So far this season, Mets starters have pitched six or more innings 18 times and, not surprisingly, their record is 13-5 in those games. Dickey is the leader with five of his starts going six or more innings. “

    6 innings is not a lot. It is barely starter material, but look at our record in those games.

    • dave: Six innings seems to be the magic number these days. Even so, a continual six innings also means three innings from the bullpen. It all adds up.-JD