This Could Be It For Mike Pelfrey As A Met

Mike Pelfrey will undergo Tommy John surgery today in Alabama, a procedure that could mean the end of his nondescript career with the Mets.

PELFREY: The end? (AP)

The recovery period will take up to a year, which would eclipse the December date a team has to tender contracts. With Pelfrey to make $5.6 million this season for a handful of starts, the Mets will probably not tender a contract and allow him to become a free agent.

Yes, the Mets received positive news in the Ponzi scandal, but that doesn’t mean they will suddenly become frivolous. The Mets certainly won’t extend him at this time or go through the arbitration process.

If Pelfrey is to continue his career with the Mets, they’ll cut him loose, then attempt to re-sign him and start over at a lower figure.

Preventing the Mets from rolling the dice and keeping him is that Pelfrey never became the pitcher they envisioned. Pelfrey appeared to have a breakthrough season in 2010, but dramatically regressed last year. He’s lost more than he’s won, and his career has been marked by lapses in concentration (three balks in one game at San Francisco), a lack of developing his secondary pitches, and an inability to put away hitters and close out innings.

Yes, he’s lost close games and had bad luck, but aces are able to improvise and pitch through adversity. They find a way to win, something Pelfrey has been unable to do.

Maybe he’ll catch on somewhere else and develop into a solid starter. Maybe he’ll meet the expectations. But, he’s not shown much to compel the Mets to give him another opportunity to do it here.

6 thoughts on “This Could Be It For Mike Pelfrey As A Met

  1. Being a Boras client, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out. The “book” Boras is famous for is going to be a tadlight. However, he always seems to find someone willing to overpay.
    I still feel they rushed Mike. Making him drop the curve for a slider, and then not giving him enough time in the minors hurt his development.
    Maybe we can get him back cheaper and he can finally reach his potential.

    But with our luck, he will go elsewhere and wind up throwing a couple of no-hitters and winning a couple of Cy Young awards. Probably as a Yankee to make is hurt more.

    • Ed: Boras will try for the big money, he always does. The economic climate might be changing with more teams working on the cheap. What could happen is Pelfrey signing for one year with the hope of proving he’s healthy and then going for the payday. … I agree with you on them rushing Pelfrey, but part of the big picture is they had few other options and when he did come up the Mets were contenders. … Yeah, who can’t see him throwing a no-hitter in another uniform?-JD

  2. Pelfrey has talent. His sinking fastball is a nice pitch.

    Unfortunately as Ed above states he never refined is other pitches and he has never been consistent. His concentration breaks too easily and he just doesn’t get it.

    To bring him back at 5/6 million a year for a pitcher who never learned to pitch and now needs to reconstruct his form and relearn to pitch is asking a lot.

    They have to cut him. I would like him to come back on a much reduced contract and hopefully he will learn to pitch. I will not cry if he comes back a good pitcher for someone else. That is life. It is not his fault the team mismanaged him. But he also needs to own his career.

    • dave: Pelfrey never did develop his secondary pitches. And, his concentration and poise always has been a problem. I won’t lose any sleep if Pelfrey goes elsewhere.-JD

  3. I Agree with Dave
    The team mismanaged pelfry and with his psyche he has issues unlearning or relearning…
    I wish big pelf well next to Turk Wendell he was one of my favorite w2k+ pitchers …

    • Steve C: Pelfrey’s psyche always has been a mess. He loses concentration and gets rattled too easily. I’ll always remember three balks in one game.-JD