New Poll: Mets Player Of Month For April

David Wright’s ability to regain his status as an offensive threat is why I chose him as the Mets’ April Player of the Month.

There are other viable candidates, such as Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Johan Santana. Please vote and tell us your thoughts on the Mets Player of the Month for April.

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4 thoughts on “New Poll: Mets Player Of Month For April

  1. interesting poll choices. Each player has a very strong case for differing reasons, though one commong theme, injury rebound, fits Johan, Wright and Murphy (even NieuwenHEIST to an extent).
    I’d have to pick DW, given the fact that he really is the most important player on the team, and given the questions about his future, he has handled it well.

  2. I have to give it to David. He is an every day player and has played well.

    I gave strong consideration to Dickey for his quality starts and giving the pen a rest when he pitches.