Kirk Nieuwenhuis Move Might Have Cost Mets

Of course, it crossed my mind. Left field in Houston is a tough place to play, perhaps one of the toughest in the National League. So, when Jed Lowrie’s pop up fell between Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Ruben Tejada, it immediately raised the inevitable speculation the Mets’ newest left fielder felt awkward because it was his first time in left on this level.

As a centerfielder, Nieuwenhuis played aggressively, but on this play he appeared tentative.

“It was just a ‘tweener’ ball that I should have caught,” Nieuwenhuis said. “It dropped, and that’s unfortunate. (R.A. Dickey) was pitching a great game and I just made a mistake.”

Neither Nieuwenhuis nor manager Terry Collins blamed the mistake on the former playing a new position, but it’s on the table. There is always an adjustment period in playing a different position.

Nieuwenhuis stayed in the leadoff spot and delivered a game-tying, two-run single, but his offensive night was mixed because he was also picked off first base.

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5 thoughts on “Kirk Nieuwenhuis Move Might Have Cost Mets

  1. Ignore the cause of defeat Delcos. An absolutely pathetic job of managing by Collins leaving Acosta, a total bum, in the game in the 8th inning with the winning run on second. You’re on the don’t move Kirk bandwagon so use it forever, just like you still whining about night games in October and the DH. And then you can ignore the rest of the game.

    • Nathan: Or should I say Mel Israeloff? Why don’t you use your real name instead of hiding in the shadows? I can think of a few reasons, not of which reflect well on you. Instead of carrying a negative chip on your shoulder and poisoning every web site you troll in, why don’t you look at the entire picture? That’s because attacking people is what you do to feel good about yourself. Pathetic.-JD

  2. Acosta’d again.

    Seriously, he needs to be gone. He is not good at baseballs.