Mets Should Leave Kirk Nieuwenhuis Alone

The was a concern when Kirk Nieuwenhuis was brought up how he would adjust to the major leagues. Well, so far he’s been doing just fine. It is too soon to say he’s made it, but he’s fielded center field as well as Angel Pagan ever did and he’s been consistent at the plate.

So far, he gets on base and makes all the plays.

TORRES: Put him in left.

Now, with Andres Torres set to come off the disabled list for tonight’s game in Houston, the Mets want to slot him back into center and move Nieuwenhuis to left field, a position he’s never played.

I don’t see the reason.

Torres is a veteran with some left field experience. He should be the one to go to left field. Why disrupt Nieuwenhuis’ rookie season? Why make him go through another adjustment period? He’s part of the Mets’ future, while Torres is a stop gap player at best.

What has Torres done for the Mets to warrant such special treatment?

We don’t know how good Nieuwenhuis can be, but we already have an idea of what the Mets can expect from Torres, and it isn’t much. It might be different if Neiuwenhuis were playing poorly and the Mets weren’t winning, but that isn’t the case.

Leave Nieuwenhuis alone.


2 thoughts on “Mets Should Leave Kirk Nieuwenhuis Alone

  1. I agree John, Torres has played a total of 72 games at left-field in his career, he’s somewhat of a veteran, he should play left. Also, when Bay gets back where will Kirk play? He should play full-time regardless if he keeps hitting at this pace. I think Kirk can be a better Eric Byrnes type of player, maybe even a Johnny Damon lite, kids got grit.

  2. Agreed … This is a rookie but we don’t want to screw his rhythm …
    This lineup has gone well let’s hope TopCat isn’t making a mistake.
    I have faith if it doesn’t work he will do the smart thing …

    On a different note: I love the fact that the black has been removed from the uniforms :-)