Mets Shouldn’t Fool With Matt Harvey Now

Even if Chris Schwinden gets rocked tonight in Colorado, the Mets shouldn’t respond with Matt Harvey.

HARVEY: No need to force feed him.

There is a hole in the Mets’ rotation following Mike Pelfrey’s elbow injury and likely more than one candidate will be used to fill the void. Schwinden gets first crack. Who knows? Maybe he’ll be like Dillon Gee was last summer and win from the start.

However, if he doesn’t, the Mets would be making a mistake to dip into their minor league for Harvey, their first-round pick – and the seventh overall selection – in the 2010 draft out of North Carolina.

Harvey has pitched well for Triple-A Buffalo, and seemingly has all the tools. He’s  been clocked from 93 to 95 on his fastball and has a plus curveball and change-up.

But, he doesn’t know how to pitch in the major leagues and is just learning on the Triple-A level. Rushing him now could cause a setback in his development should he be hit hard. The Mets rushed Jenrry Mejia and Pelfrey, and shouldn’t take the gamble on Harvey.

Last night, the Mets fielded a home grown lineup for the first time in 41 years. They are developing a good, young core, and Harvey could be a key figure on the mound in the future. Despite the Mets off to a good start, the future isn’t now for them.

The prudent thing is to develop Harvey for this season, and perhaps give him a taste as a September call-up. Let him learn to walk before they let him run. They won’t regret that decision.


4 thoughts on “Mets Shouldn’t Fool With Matt Harvey Now

  1. I have been hearing that Harvey is getting rocked in AAA.

    Either way he should stay down and learn to pitch. We have many other arms we can serve up as the 5th starter.

    Leave Harvey, Familia, Wheeler alone.

    • dave: Harvey has had moments both good and bad in AAA. But, to warrant a promotion he must be consistently good, which he hasn’t. He’s pitched well in the context where he’s shown glimpses of what he could be. But, he’s not there, yet.-JD

  2. Hi John, it has been a while since your Lohud days huh? I am just curious do you get paid to keep this blog up and runnin’? It is very good and you seem very dedicated. I seem to recall you having the ‘goods’ when it came to insider clubhouse scoops or quotes, did the Mets want you out because of that? – bob

  3. Bob: I have sold advertising in the past, and with the redesign this season I will again. But, it isn’t a gold mine. I am dedicated to this. As far as leaving the beat, the Mets had nothing to do with me leaving. I hope you’ll continue to follow me and the blog and post your thoughts. Thank you.-JD