Mets Exceeding Early Expectations

I must admit, that following their rough stretch against Atlanta and San Francisco, I thought the Mets were heading into a tailspin. However, strong pitching performances from Johan Santana and R.A. Dickey – following up stinkers – appear to have stabilized.

COLLINS: Happy so far.

I’m not saying all is well as it is way to early for that, but I have seen the Mets respond to a weekend like the one they had against the Giants in the opposite fashion. And, today their best pitcher, Jon Niese, will go for the sweep.

Playing well early against a tough schedule is a good sign, Terry Collins said: “It’s important. One of the things that makes it important, is that our guys know they can compete. We have a long hot summer ahead, we are very aware of that. They have to understand that they can compete with the teams we’re playing. Right now they’re seeing it.”

The crowds have been sparse for the Marlins series, but should the Mets maintain their pace and stay over .500 it could make for a fun summer. There are few things more frustrating to a baseball fan than having their team be non-competitive as it eliminates the hope of winning.

Last night’s game was fun to watch because of the pitching. The game moved along at a crisp pace and when that happens there’s usually good defense because everybody is alert.

The Mets are sitting on 10 wins despite losing David Wright for a few games, not having Andres Torres, and Ike Davis not hitting. For the most part their pitching has been good and kept them in games, which is all they can ask.

Over the long haul, I am more concerned about how they’ll respond without Mike Pelfrey than with Davis’ slump or Bay’s injury. I believe Davis will eventually come around and learn from this and I’ve conditioned myself to not expect anything from Bay.

But, Pelfrey is different. He’s pitched well lately and has proven he can give Mets innings. What the Mets don’t need is for his spot in the rotation to become a black hole and suck innings from the bullpen as that will have a residual effect.

Pelfrey said he’s feeling well and the Mets will get his MRI results this afternoon. A cortisone injection to see how he reacts will be the first step in the hope it would alleviate surgery.


2 thoughts on “Mets Exceeding Early Expectations

  1. Yes. They Mets have done better than I expected so far.

    Let us hope they can keep it up. I attribute a lot of their success to the manager. The attitude he brings and the way he treats his players I think has a lot to do with how they play.

    I disagree with you on Niese I believe Dickey is their best pitcher and not Niese, new contract not withstanding.Dickey has had one bad outing, Niese has had 2 mediocre outings and he can’t get out of the 6th inning. That makes him a borderline starter. When he can finish the 7th with some regularity and get his ERA down below 4 1/2 I will reassess my opinion of him.