Mets Must Recover From Atlanta Pasting

Sorry for the late post this morning. Also sorry for writing positive about the Mets the past few days. Here I go, write about how they could be for real and how steady R.A. Dickey has been and they get routed by the Braves.

OUCH: Kirk Nieuwenhuis watches HR ball in second.

Serves me right.

It’s funny how quickly trends develop. They were pitching great and starting to hit, then all of a sudden they give up 31 runs in four games. Both Johan Santana and Dickey, who had been great out of the gate, were ripped.

The Mets are coming off the worst game they’ve played all year and it’s good for them to have the day off to think about what happened. They’ll need the time to regroup in time to face San Francisco, which will throw four strong pitchers at them this weekend at Citi Field.

The Mets were fun to watch the first week or so, but have been brutal in three of the past four games. It’s a long season, but things can get away quickly, especially for a team as thin as the Mets. Right now, I’m not buying into this “it’s early” stuff. This weekend is important for the Mets to stabilize themselves and get moving again.

Even a split is acceptable because it would mean playing even with one of the best teams in the league. Anything less and things could get away.

9 thoughts on “Mets Must Recover From Atlanta Pasting

  1. Yesterday 2 pitchers in the same game went 9 or more innings.

    When was the last time one of our pitchers did that?

    Our problem is pitching. Most of our starters have issues in the 5th inning and struggle to make it out of the 6th.

    I remember a time where if you were a 6 inning pitcher you were long relief or in the minors.

    People talk about pitch counts and protecting your investment. I don’t see why marginal pitchers are making 5-8 million a year on a multi year contract when they cannot pitch. Baseball has a problem producing players at the major league level who actually know how to do their jobs. There are way too many pitchers who cannot pitch ( look at last year’s #1 for our team. He was our number one pitcher and he doesn’t know how to pitch. What does that say? ) and too many position players who barely know how to field their position let alone know how to hit.

    • dave: I remember the days when there were such things as complete games. You don’t see that much anymore. … Marginal pitchers are making that kind of money because there is a lack of quality pitchers, and unfortunately, mediocrity is confused for excellence.-JD

  2. You jinxed RAD John :)

    you are right, they need to stablize before this snowballs.

    While we can’t expect every game to be close, we should not accept the bullpen blowing up as it has done of late.

    And Jason Bay, I like that the bat may have awoken, and loved the catch to rob the HR, but for pete’s sake man, you gotta catch that double.

    Ike seems to be warming up, which is good.

    And DW is making a case for a new contract, no? Sandy better called Fred and Jeff and get some money to lock him up soon. THIS is the DW we fell in love with early in his career. THIS is the DW we need to keep.

    • Ed: Right on all counts. … I’ve always been concerned about the bullpen, and despite its performance over the first four games, I wasn’t sold. Turned out there was no reason to get excited, but be cautious. … Bay’s defense has been one of his strengths. Yes, that ball needs to be caught. … Wright’s fast start has been the most encouraging thing so far. If the Mets are leaning toward extending Wright, I hope they don’t fool around and get it done quickly.-JD

      • Where is the money to come from? I read where the 240 large they raised is already spent. Supposedly they struggled to pay MLB back as well as JP Morgan’s bride loan.

        David will demand a nice contract if he keeps this up and we cannot afford him.

        • Dave, with the settlement, the financial picture is now clearer, which could allow them to renegotiate some of the outstanding debt. If they are smart (I know, I know), they will structure a new deal to start in 2014, by which time Bay and Santana’s deals will be up or nearly up, freeing up more cash.
          I did not read of any struggling to pay back, they had $240 million and used it to pay off the st loans.

          • Ed

            I agree the financial picture is more clear and whatever the settlement will be it will not be billions.

            That said everything I read points to hard times. They are in such a mess I do not know how they afford Wright.

            I read that Wright went back to his HS coaches who fixed his swing over the summer. It was not the Mets coach. Why are our coaches not effective? Anyway it appears as if David is where he was several years ago. Not striking out, not overswinging. If he is we should keep him. Although I don’t know how we do.