Steady Dickey To Face Braves Today

Mets fans and the media have been critical of former GM Omar Minaya for some of his moves, but to be fair he had some good acquisitions and R.A. Dickey is one of them.

DICKEY: Reliable

By reputation, knuckleball pitchers are supposed to be erratic, but Dickey has proven to be the opposite. Once considered to be a journeyman, but now cornerstone in the Mets’ rotation, Dickey will be going after his 15th straight quality start in a few hours against the Braves. Dickey has given the Mets seven innings in 15 of his last 24 starts.

Dickey is coming off a stellar performance at Philadelphia in which he gave up a run in seven innings. The team record for quality starters – defined as giving up three runs in six innings – is 21 by Dwight Gooden in 1985.

The Mets’ rotation has been tattered in recent seasons, but for the most part he has always kept them in the game and we can’t ask for much more.

Dickey will work with a revamped lineup for today’s game with Ronny Cedeno giving Ruben Tejada a day off at shortstop and Kirk Nieuwenhuis leading off.

Here’s the lineup:

Kirk Nieuwenhuis, cf

Daniel Murphy, 2b
David Wright, 3b
Ike Davis, 1b
Jason Bay, lf
Lucas Duda, rf
Josh Thole, c
Ronny Cedeno, ss
R.A. Dickey, rhp


2 thoughts on “Steady Dickey To Face Braves Today

  1. I think Omar just got lucky.

    Every year he would got out and get half a dozen pitchers and hitters and shove them in the minors. I lack faith in Omars ability to spot talent.

    He was here for 6 years I think and if he was a talent guy we would have had a better team than we had during his tenure. Our pen would not have been habitually weak. Our bench would not have had its annual dearth of depth.

    He always went out and overpaid for veterans with an injury history. Sure they were good at one time. We spent two years waiting for Alou to be healthy enough to save us. We gave him a lot of money to go to the doctor and sit on the bench. We overpaid for Cora because he was a middle infielder.

    He got lucky with Dickey because he was cheap and an arm and he was hoping he would get better. If he didn’t there was another arm just like him that we picked up.

  2. The Mets have a 2 game losing streak. If it reaches 3 you will have to do something about the bad luck you visited on the team for bringing up Sybil the other day.