Santana Felt Fine

After the shortest stint of his career, Johan Santana said he felt fine. Obviously, that was the first thought seeing him walk to the dugout in the second inning after recording just four outs.

SANTANA: A dejected Santana walks off

It still is this morning.

Since Santana returned this spring, he and the Mets responded after every start with the clipped comment of waiting to see how he feels the next day and following his throw day,

That doesn’t change for me now.

Last night, he said, “I felt fine.”

I want to hear him say that in August and September.

Santana has pitched brilliantly in his first two starts, but his velocity wasn’t where it was before. Last night, his command was off. Sure, there is concern. There has to be.

Let’s face it, he’s coming off a serious shoulder surgery few pitchers have successfully recovered from before, so you’ll excuse me if I don’t think everything is fine.


2 thoughts on “Santana Felt Fine

  1. we won’t know till his arm falls off.

    He will try and win and push through it.

    I am hopeful with him, but this is a serious injury and you always have to be suspect.

    • dave: Anything they get from Santana is a bonus at this point. It is a grueling comeback and he’s already expended a lot of energy.-JD