Seven Positive Signs For The Mets

Earlier today I posed the question if the Mets were for real. Ten games is not enough of a window to jump on the bandwagon, but it is big enough to sense that there’s something positive going on.

WRIGHT: Off to a good start. (AP)

1) David Wright is stroking the ball with authority. Even after missing several games he’s been consistently on, driving the ball to the opposite field which has always been a benchmark of success for him. He’s been swinging at good pitches and hasn’t been chasing the down-and-away junk. He also has been holding his ground when the pitchers have worked him inside.

2) They are 7-3, with all their wins in the division. They’ve won a series in Philadelphia and won last night in Atlanta, places which haven’t always been kind to them. I took a look at a sportsbook review and the odds on the Mets are getting better everyday. This is as positive a sign as any.

3) Johan Santana, who will work tonight, has given them two strong starts. A strong Santana give the Mets a sense of confidence and credibility. Now, if they’d only score some runs for him.

4) Overall, the rotation has been strong and effective. Mike Pelfrey rebounded with a good start after a bad one. Jon Niese has shown he’s worthy of that extension. Right, right, it’s only ten games, but we have seen the flip side, remember?

5) Save a couple of blips, the bullpen has been better than expected. GM Sandy Alderson said the pen will be a key to the season and so far he’s happy. A word of caution is it is being used often. The starters need to go seven instead of six innings. Over the course of the season, that’s a significant difference and will enable it to be more effective later.

6) Ike Davis and Jason Bay show signs of life, with the latter hitting two homers over his last three games. And, the Mets had won even when they were cold. It’s too early to say Bay has found it, but the last three games have been good for him. Perhaps, jamming that finger was good for him because it forced him to shorten his swing. Just wondering.

7) The Mets are looking down in the standing to Jose Reyes and the Marlins. The point being Ruben Tejada has played well. Save the error in Philly, he’s been stellar in the field and he’s hitting.

I won’t go overboard and say the Mets will win the division or make the playoffs. I was critical of them in the off season and have some of the same concerns. Ten games is a small sampling, but it has been a good one.

The Mets are showing the capability of making this a fun summer.

ON DECK: Tonight’s lineup.

One thought on “Seven Positive Signs For The Mets

  1. You make the point about the starters going 7.

    That has been key for this team for a number of years now.

    These guys need to go 7. If they can go 7 on a regular basis ( save for Johan ) then they increase the team’s chance of winning tremendously. If not the pen burns out.

    You also talk of Ruben. He has been great. Last year he showed he can hit. This year – so far – he is proving he belongs.