Mets Come Up Big Again

Sometimes, the turning point of a game isn’t always in the late innings.¬†Dillon Gee was in trouble early last night. The Braves had the bases loaded in the second with one out. ¬†Gee was clearly struggling and this was the point in the game where the Braves could have taken control, had a big inning and gotten into the Mets’ bullpen early.

GEE: Stellar last night.

However, Gee, showing the composure that was the foundation of his surge last year, got Jack Wilson on a RBI grounder and struck out Tommy Hanson.

The Mets got of the inning cheaply and backed Gee with homers from Ike Davis and another from Jason Bay, the latter’s second in three games. Bay also made a HR robbing catch of Wilson in the fifth.

Pitching, power and defense. It was as complete a game as the Mets have played in a long time.

The biggest things to take out of the game was Gee’s poise, and signs Davis and Bay were breaking out of slumps.

Are the Mets for real? Ten games in at 7-3, it is too soon to call, but you have to like how they are playing, and especially beating teams in their division. You think back and wonder how they let those games against Washington get away.

Considering the expectations, there might be the sense they are playing over their heads, but for the most part the pitching has been splendid and that puts their record into context.

The one thing I am taking from this team right now is that they are fun to watch. I’m not watching with the thought of how are they going to blow this, but with wonderment of their potential.

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9 thoughts on “Mets Come Up Big Again

  1. I like how the Mets are playing, but the realist in me knows that this too shall pass.

    The team is too weak to maintain for the full season. At some point around the all star break the pen will be trashed. Byrdick was really good yesterday. A power pitcher. I didn’t know that.

    Bay reminded me that he is a good defensive OF.

    I think the way this team is playing is due to the coach. Their talent is not great, but they are playing well. With confidence.

    • dave: I also worry about the bullpen. For the most part, the starters have done well, but the Mets need another inning from them. Seven innings is a lot better than six and will help preserve the bullpen. That is a major concern.-JD

  2. I watched the game and they played good ball. That catchers interference I think haywood does it on purpose …

    I like what I see so far.

  3. If the starters can continue to chew up innings, the pen may not be worn out too quickly. They key is going to be limiting the chance to be Acosta’d and Batista needs to not pitch too often. Save them for blowouts (in either direction).
    IF the bats can maintain, they can surprise. I do not think the playoffs are in reach, but predictions of last place may prove to be wrong.
    I love how everyone is saying “well the phillies are missing players, blah blah blah”. Meanwhile, look at how many guys the Mets have missed the past few years. Payback is not nice.
    Wright seems to be back to the DW we all loved. Davis is hopefully finding his stroke. Dare I say Bay may finally be coming out of his 2 season long crapfest?
    Let’s jsut enjoy the ride while it lasts folks. Who knows, we might have some fun along the way.

    • Ed: You’re so right about the starters needing to chew up innings. … The thing about the bats is Wright missed several games and Davis and Bay have only recently begun to hit. Bay will be key, as the Mets need another right handed threat.-JD

  4. These last few games were fun to watch.
    Looked like regular ball not little league .

    Let’s go Mets go !!!

  5. OK looking forward. Without injuries this squad is competetive every night. That’s what the skipper is preaching execute and be there and either leading or in reach. Play and act professional. It is interesting that Terry got tossed over an arguing Bay. When Bay argues there is something wrong. He has been the consummate professional through all this muck about being through and a waste.. All good things for Jason. I hope he hits “the cover off the ball”.

    We really need to keep Kirk up in the majors. He provides us with potential where Torres provides us with tremendous D/L potential. Despite being a feel good story Torres return (when and if deal) will hopefully mean the departure of Baxter. Torres will be a tremendous boost off the bench as a late defensive replacement (perhaps?) and a spot starter for the outfield of Bay, Kirk and Duda. The fear of no base stealers perhaps is a concern but doubles remedy that and we have seen doubles this year from our starting shotstop, Tejada and others, who as of last night led the league in the category. Skip will also make full use of resting starters as he sees fit. Health is the key here to a team that appears to be able to contend on any given night. Back where I began and David Wright is the defacto Captain of this squad. Between David and Jason we have leaders that are never say die on every play of the game and it rubs off. Chemistry is evolving and winning is like watering this plant.

    LGM 4 ever


    • Hoegy: Thanks so much for stopping by and I appreciate your input. You’re spot on about Bay’s professionalism. No excuses and he never stops hustling. That’s a positive sign, one the young guys hopefully will pick up on.

      I hear you about Kirk. I’d like to see him stay, but only if he gets regular playing time. I’d hate to have him languish on the bench.

      You’re right. Keys are health and strong starting pitching. Thanks again for stopping by and hope to hear from you again. Best.-JD