Mets Aim To Stay Hot With Santana

David Wright, Andres Torres and Jason Bay have all missed games because of injuries, but for the most part manager Terry Collins has resisted any urge to crazy juggle his line-up, something Jerry Manuel did on a consistent basis.

Johan Santana will make his third start of the season tonight. Here’s the line-up behind him:

Ruben Tejada, ss
Daniel Murphy, 2b
David Wright, 3b
Ike Davis, 1b
Jason Bay, lf
Lucas Duda, rf
Josh Thole, c
Kirk Nieuwenhuis, cf
Johan Santana, lhp


10 thoughts on “Mets Aim To Stay Hot With Santana

  1. Why do you have to bring up Sybil?

    The laughing, joking, can’t make a lineup, always blames his players, throw them under the bus manager that we had?

    It is bad karma. Now we will go on a 10 game losing skid.

    • dave: Sorry about the Manuel mention. I sure hope you don’t think that had anything to do with Santana getting rocked tonight.-JD

      • John

        I completely blame the terrible raking we had at the hands of Atlanta to you and your post :)

        Johan had his first bad outing and it is completely your fault.

  2. We can celebrate now.

    We get the 35th and 71st pick this year as compensation for last year’s batting champ!

    I guess that is about right for what we got for our closer the year before.

  3. This reminds me of the braves game with al leiter. The differences bobby v left in leiter. TopCat took Santana out ..

    • Steve C: Not a good night for Santana. But, I’d rather have him get rocked and removed early to keep his pitch count down than for him to struggle and lose it in the fifth.-JD

      • He is coming off shoulder surgery.

        He is still fragile.

        I don’t want them pushing this guy more than necessary.