Pelfrey Much Better; Mets To Atlanta

MiA;ke Pelfrey was right when he said if you were told on Friday the Mets would take two of three in Philly that you’d take it. In a heart beat. But, after winning the first two ¬†one tends to get greedy.

Pelfrey was much better, giving up a run in six innings. ¬†Yesterday, the bullpen that had been so good imploded after a Ruben Tejada error. These things happen, but when a team holds a lead late in the game for a chance to sweep it must go for the throat. That’s what winning teams do.

We’re ten games into the season, way too soon to draw any conclusions, but the first impression has been a good one. April is a brutal schedule and quite honestly, I didn’t think the Mets would win more than 10 games. They are almost there now so maybe this won’t be the Titanic of a season most people thought.

The Mets are in Atlanta tonight to start a three-game series, and the Braves are much better now than the team that limped out of Citi Field. Chipper Jones is back for one thing.

This is the beauty of a baseball season. There are highs and lows. The Phillies have struggled, but they’ll get hot. The Dodgers are sizzling, but will eventually cool.

So far, what I wanted most for the Mets has happened, which is to pitch well and play consistently. A winning season is about taking small steps. Win two off three. Stay over .500. Get to five games over. Then ten.

Then who knows what could happen?


2 thoughts on “Pelfrey Much Better; Mets To Atlanta

  1. I was reading where coaches were saying the curve is crucial for Pelf. Wasn’t it his first pitching coach, Peterson, who killed that pitch to teach him the slider or something? If I remember correctly that was his second pitch in college and the minors and his coach with the Mets didn’t like it setting off confidence issues with him because he had only one pitch in the majors.

    As for the team. I am loving that they are playing well. I still think they are a below 500 team because the pen will be burn out at midseason and I just don’t think they are good enough and deep enough to keep it up.

  2. dave – Pef had a good curve in college (Humber actually had a REAL good hammer curve). Petersen hates the curve and had him scrap it. Then they rushed pelf w/o allowing him time to refine the slider and the rest is the pain we have today.
    While Pef battled, his peripherals are still disconcerting. His WHIP is not good. Now, if he brings that down, things can improve. Until then, he will continue to remind me of Ollie, a guy who can look great for a couple of innings, and then become crap.