Jason Bay Uncertain About Tonight

Jason Bay did not play yesterday because of a jammed right ring finger and the Mets don’t know if he’ll play tonight. Bay was injured diving into a base Saturday and couldn’t grip the bat yesterday.

Bay said he didn’t know about tonight. Usually, when a player gives a non-committal response following an injury bet against him playing.

Bay will attempt to swing the bat when he gets to the park later today then make a decision. I’m guessing he’ll sit again today and try tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Jason Bay Uncertain About Tonight

  1. The players today are so soft and accident prone. Was it this bad in 60 and 70s I don’t recall 100%. Just feels like the same players get hurt every other day ….

  2. The only difference is Hairston is not as good a defender.

    Bay really adds nothing.

  3. Steve C – Try gripping a bat with a busted finger or jammed finger.
    Then say someone is soft.

    Dave – Bay’s defense is quite a bit better than he is given credit for. The bat otoh…