Mets Crash And Burn Again

Yes, the Mets were shut out, and yes, losing David Wright for the past two games helped exposed their offense, but that’s an oversimplification. Yesterday was about Mets’ hitters striking out 15 times – none by Wright – and their pitchers walking ten.

WRIGHT: Mets hope he'll be back to throw helmet.

Terry Collins was right. The Mets should have lost by more.

You can lament losing Wright all you want, but the real problem is through six games the Mets received precious little from Ike Davis, Lucas Duda and Jason Bay. Duda had those two homers, but outside of that there’s been nothing.

Nothing, of course, sums up what the Mets have received from Davis and Bay and unless that suddenly changes, their feel-good start will be history. Hell, it probably already is with the Mets heading into Philadelphia for the weekend.

When your ace, Johan Santana, who is coming off surgery has an ERA of 0.90 and has two no-decisions, that pretty much says it all.

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7 thoughts on “Mets Crash And Burn Again

  1. We are stuck with them all cause the Wilpons are paupers …

    Something tells me that there are other issues behind the curtain. Sooner or later we will talk to the main behind the curtain and hear the truth.
    For now we have to deal with what we perceive as the mets and the franchise.

    • Steve C: Plenty of issues behind the curtain. Trouble is, there is no great and powerful Oz, perceived or otherwise, with any answers.-JD

  2. They are who I thought they were. Lots of flaws, but hoping we can eek out a decent season with this team of out-of-position misfits. The hitting is going to stink at times this year with or without Wright. Its a long season and I think we’ll see a lot more bad offensive games out of them, but we’ll also see some tremendous results also.

    • Jason W: No real surprises, you’re correct. I don’t expect them to win, but as Wilpon said a long time ago, I want them to play meaningful games in September. Hell, I’d take meaningful games after the All-Star break.-JD

  3. Yes. When the middle of the order is not hitting you will lose.

    Of course Johan is only going half a game.

    • dave: I don’t see Santana being anything more than a six-inning pitcher any time soon. If they can get 25 starts at six innings each, I’d be thrilled. That is more than I could have expected.-JD

      • That is reasonable. But with Johan and the rest of the staff struggling to break 6, this pen is toast after june.