Mets’ Collins Sticks To His Word About Daniel Murphy

When David Wright was injured during spring training, manager Terry Collins said if he opened the season on the disabled list that Daniel Murphy would stay at second base.

MURPHY: Makes sparkling play Monday

Now, with Wright seemingly headed to the DL (the move should be made Friday), Collins seems to be sticking by those words as Murphy is still at second for this afternoon’s game against Washington.

Murphy is a natural third baseman, but his position is second base as long as Wright is here and moving him won’t help him learn the position. Murphy botched a double-play grounder last night, but the night before made a nice play behind the bag.

Murphy is not a strong defensive player, but learning the position will take some time. He’s not going to master it quickly, and he certainly won’t do so by moving around.

Collins made a point of saying Murphy and Lucas Duda would remain at their positions despite being stronger elsewhere, and let’s hope he sticks by his word.

Here’s today’s line-up:

Ruben Tejada, ss

Daniel Murphy, 2b

Lucas Duda, rf

Ike Davis, 1b

Jason Bay, lf

Josh Thole, c

Kirk Nieuwenhuis, cf

Ronny Cedeno, 3b

Johan Santana, lhp




9 thoughts on “Mets’ Collins Sticks To His Word About Daniel Murphy

  1. Ike and Capt Krik are back!

    I agree. Dan and Duda need to stay where they are. The more this coach does his thing, the more I like him.

    He is an huge improvement over Sybil.

  2. Sounds like pure genius NOT to do nothing to help your team win. Guess what … Murphy couldn’t learn to play left field, he sure as hell ain’t going to learn second base no matter how much of Alderson and collins kool aide you all drink.

    • Nathan: I don’t think the issue is about gulping any Kool-Aid. Where do you propose they play Murphy? If their plan is to keep Wright, and there are no indications they won’t, then second has to be where they play Murphy. The only way he’ll learn the position is to play it. Left field was a disaster, I admit. The expectations of the Mets are low, so why not use this time to see if Murphy can play second. If not, trade him to the AL so he can get some DH at-bats. However, I’m not sure Murphy has the power teams seek for a DH.-JD

  3. I did not like it from the beginning and I dont like it now. Murphy can not play second base and will never be able to play it. The double play has to be turned. If they are not it prolongs innings and adds extra work for the pitchers. I would rather see them bring up Valdespin and play him everyday. I like Murphy but playing him at second does not give this team a better chance to win even with his bat

    • Valdespin can’t hit. He is not ready. Perhaps in a year or two. We have a number of minor leaguers who play 2b.

      Murphy may wash out, but right now he is what we have. Turner is no better.

      This year is a bust. Let Murphy and Duda learn their positions and we will see what next year brings.

    • Glen: As I asked Nathan, if not second, then where for Murphy? Defense is a requirement. He was hurt last winter. Perhaps after this season, they’ll send him to the instructional league to play second.-JD