Can Pelfrey Maintain Roll For Mets?

One of baseball’s most popular cliches is pitching is contagious, both good and bad. Tonight against Washington, Mike Pelfrey, who struggled during spring training ¬†will attempt to follow up the Mets’ strong showing from its rotation in his first appearance of the season.

PELFREY: What's he thinking?

The Mets have been here before with Pelfrey, and your guess is as good as anybody as to how he’ll come of the game. Eventually, however, Pelfrey must confront his demeans and pitch like he’s supposed to.

For the second straight season I’ve listed Pelfrey as the one key Met, who if he turned it around could take the next step to stardom. We’ve waited for several years for Pelfrey to turn it around. It’s time for him.




5 thoughts on “Can Pelfrey Maintain Roll For Mets?

  1. He needs to believe in himself and trust his stuff.

    Not much more to say about BigPelf.

  2. Ooooh, caption contest:

    1. Holy Crap, he hit the snot outta that one!

    2. Too high, too high!

    3. I wonder how Scott is going to handle THAT in the book?

  3. First inning jitters then the confident pelf took over.
    Warthen isn’t good for him.
    Pelf settled down and by 6 th inning the mets went to the little league formula of use all the relievers.
    In the end we are undefeated .. Go figure. And with the fences in the home runs that we’re hit would have been homers anyway. I think now that the stadium is a wee bit smaller the psychological impact of wow this is a big field . Is now gone….

  4. Steve C – Cap’n Kirk’s HR was a double last year, it hit the sign, which wan in play last year. One of Duda’s would not have been out either (the first one, it landed between the old and new fences).

    I did not see a confident Pelfrey. I saw a guy who battled, but still lacks an effective secondary offering. He reminds me of Maine. Despite the 8 K’s, he struggled putting guys away.