Very tasteful Opening Day ceremonies

Some teams can overdo their Opening Day ceremonies. Last night, for example, the Marlins went overboard. And, what was that monstrosity in their outfield? Looks like a giant fruit basket with flying fish.

Anyway, today was nothing like that at Citi Field.

They could have gone overboard on Gary Carter, but opted for tasteful. The Kid logo on the outfield, I don’t quite understand. Is it for this year only or forever? If forever, are they going to do that with every player who passes? Seaver, Straw, Doc or Keith? Just wondering.

There’s no doubt Carter was a great player, a Hall of Famer, but most of his numbers were compiled as an Expo, despite how we remember his days with the Mets. That’s one of the reasons why his number wasn’t retired.

Despite the long and uneventful – at least in terms of player acquisitions – I am hopeful for an exciting season.


2 thoughts on “Very tasteful Opening Day ceremonies

  1. The Mets should’ve retired Kid’s number when he was inducted into the HOF. On another note, anyone out there looking to save some money but still follow the Mets everyday, if you’re a SiriusXM radio subscriber, you can now tune in to every game, live, for free. And on that note, Josh Lewin sounds SO much better than former Mets radio dude, Wayne Hagin!

  2. Yes. The opening ceremonies was nice. I agree on the logo. He was a great player, but for another team mostly, I loved watching him as a Met. He helped us win. However, he wasn’t a Met for very long and so how do you honor a player like that ( as good as he was ) when he only played for us a few years?