Good move in long-term deal with Niese

With Opening Day hours away, the Mets began the 2012 season on a positive note by agreeing to a contract with left-hander Jon Niese.

NIESE: Locked up for five years.

In agreeing to the five-year, $25.5 million deal – pending a physical – the Mets will avoid the arbitration and free-agent processes and locked up one of their most important young players.

With the Mets resolving their most stressing financial problem is reaching a settlement in the Madoff scandal, their next most important step is to achieve as much economic certainty as possible. That would be in reaching long-term obligations with their young talent.

They did it with David Wright and Jose Reyes several years ago. The next wave would be Niese, Ike Davis, and possibly Wright again.

Niese won a career-high 11game last year before it was cut short with a side injury. There’s no guarantee Niese will become the next Jerry Koosman, but his career is off to a good start and he’s caught the attention of others. Several teams have inquired into Niese and for good reason; he’s immensely talented and poised. And, hard throwing left-handers are a premium.

The Mets have taken deserved heat for their questionable decisions. They should also get credit for their good moves, and this is one.

7 thoughts on “Good move in long-term deal with Niese

  1. First, JD, congratulations on another year of keeping the blog going. Next, to fellow Mets fans, Happy 2012. Niese move seems on the surface like a win-win: If he’s great, ownership is getting production at a rock bottom market price; If he bombs, ownership can easily trade him to another club. If only Omar Minaya hadn’t signed Jason Bay…

  2. A five year $25 million deal for a pitcher whose season ended in August with an injury and whose career similarity scores are Chuck James and Damian Moss? You have to lock up anyone who can pitch-the Yankees are bringing Andy Pettitte out of retirement to show you how even they need a good lefty. Niese has looked good at times and people say his ERA has been hurt by poor defense. But if you are running a baseball team, you have to roll the dice and realize that if Niese can stay healthy and develop, the Mets will save a lot on arbitration.

    • Dan: Every long-term contract is a gamble, but you’re right, if there’s promise there you have to go for it because salaries will continue to rise. If Niese is as good as advertised in five years he’ll cost a bundle._JD

  3. Or more likely the Mets are folowing the pathetic lead of the A’s and are praying theat Niese has a good year so they can trade him off like the A’s did to Gio. Nothing like offering long term relatively cheap talent for even cheaper unproven kids to say that tomorrow is coming, its just always a day away.

  4. I agree. This is a great signing.

    $5M/yr over 5 is a good price for the team. Regardless of how he actually pans out as a pitcher it is a good move.

    As you say he is a lefty and he is getting paid BigPelf money.