Injuries to the forefront as Opening Day nears

Much of how the Mets perform this year will be contingent on their starting rotation and core players getting significant playing time because the depth is weak. GM Sandy Alderson said as such earlier this week.

SANTANA: Might not be ready.

The biggest name is Johan Santana, who is earmarked to make the Opening Day start, but despite not having a setback – at least not one the organization will admit to – nobody has etched his start in stone.

After nearly two years, what’s the rush now? Especially if the weather is cold and rainy Thursday, why push the envelope? Even Santana is as healthy as the Mets are claiming, then there’s no reason not to push him back a start or two for him to further build his arm strength. What could it hurt?

Meanwhile, David Wright, who has missed nearly all of spring training isn’t in baseball shape. His legs aren’t there. Neither is his stamina. Yes, he could play and gut it out, but why take the gamble?

Andres Torres does not look good in center field. The word is awkward. He’s over in the minor league camp now. He might get enough at-bats by Thursday, but he’s not running fluidly.

None of the three are 100 percent. There are times throughout the season when a player will play with aches and pains. That’s part of the job. But, these three are trying to recover from injuries which sapped a considerable amount of time from them. They clearly could use more time. With how the Mets have handled injuries in the past, they should opt for caution.

It’s a long season, so don’t make it any longer by risking a significant injury.


3 thoughts on “Injuries to the forefront as Opening Day nears

  1. You don’t know the rush. Check with the ticket office and see how many seats are unsold. The Wilpon family survived the ponzi case but they have debt up the kazoo.

  2. John,

    I have to take back what i said about Santana starting on opening day. I know you and a few others said it would be better holding him back a few weeks and I said let him start because he has had no setbacks. I heard Santana needed a pain killer this weekend for the soreness he was feeling. I am changing my mind because of this. He is also only up to about 90 pitches.


  3. Well if they kill him because they want him to start opening day they are stupid.

    He is owed a lot of money the next few years. Why rush him now?

    The Mets are a stupid team.

    I also was reading that Bay is on a short leash. They may platoon him this year.