Pelfrey arguably key to season.

Now, was that so hard?

After so many stinkers last year and this spring, Mike Pelfrey finally came up smelling like roses last night. At least somebody wearing Pelfrey’s number did.

PELFREY: Time to get serious.

Yes, I realize it is one game after so many bad ones, but spring training is for getting your hopes up, and if not for Pelfrey, then for whom?

One run on three hits in 6.1 innings is a quality start, one I’d take every time, and one reminiscent of 2010 when for most of the summer he was all the things he was supposed to be.

Pelfrey significantly regressed last year and by his own admission said this could be a make-or-break season for him. If he duplicates last year, it is easy to see the Mets cutting ties with him. They’ve already bounced that around in passing this spring, but realistically had no other choice but to keep him.

He had a bum ankle early in camp, but his arm seems fine. He has experience. He’s been successful at times, although inconsistently so. He has a reasonable salary ($5.68 million). He’s young enough to turn it around. There have been a lot of late bloomers in the sport (Nolan Ryan and Sandy Koufax come to mind). While not saying he has the potential of either, two summers ago he had months of dominance worthy of the hope of seeing it again.

Because of his inconsistency, Pelfrey’s value to the Mets is greater with the hope of him turning it around. And, with pitching their biggest concern – and no guarantees with Johan Santana – if the Mets are to have any semblance of a competitive team they need Pelfrey to start cashing his potential chips.

A lot of things must happen for the Mets to avoid the season everyone is projecting for them, and it begins with Pelfrey to quit licking his fingers and start pitching to his expectations. Beginning now.

4 thoughts on “Pelfrey arguably key to season.

  1. It would be nice if BigPelf is all the pitcher he can be.

    I have given up. I don’t want them to trade or release him. I want them to make him better. That may mean sending him down.

    • dave: I have no problems sending him down. I advocated it last spring. If Chris Young is healthy enough, he could buy Pelfrey more time.-JD

  2. I always liked pelf and Maine ,
    The problem is the med staff and the pitcher coach they are the worst …

    • Steve C: The pitching coach is an enigma. He seemed to turn Pelfrey around in 2010, but hit the skids last year. Their approach hasn’t been good. Sometimes, I think the best thing for Pelfrey would be to just shut his ears and throw. What could it hurt?-JD