Alderson: Taking stock of the Mets.

We are a week away from Opening Day and Sandy Alderson’s take on his team on WFAN doesn’t exactly inspire a great deal of confidence:

ALDERSON: Why is this man smiling?

He’s worried about his defense, especially that from the right side with Daniel Murphy at second and Lucas Duda in right.  Center fielder Andres Torres has been gimpy, so there’s a question about his range. And, Josh Thole is still a work in progress at catcher.

 If you’re thinking Johan Santana is back and a given for 30 starts and 200-plus innings, think again. With the signing of Chris Young, the Mets are mulling over the idea of a six-man rotation. If Young is sound, in theory expanding the rotation would give Santana more rest between fewer starts. Another plus is fewer starts for Mike Pelfrey.

Pelfrey, incidentally, will start tonight. He takes an 11.49 ERA into the game. He has not pitched well this spring.

 In regards to Pelfrey’s performance and the Mets’ dismal spring training record of 6-16, Alderson called it “some indicator’’ of what to expect during the season. Spring training numbers aren’t always a blueprint of the season, but it is hard to turn it on and the Mets don’t have the talent to do so.

Alderson said Jason Bay is not driving the ball, but we’ve heard that before in his previous two years with the Mets.

Alderson also said he was not pleased with the depth of his team and expressed concern about the bullpen.

Let’s see, Alderson doesn’t know what he’ll get from Santana; is thinking at this late date of expanding the rotation so an injured pitcher can make it; has another starter with an ERA north of 11; is concerned about his defense, bullpen and depth; admits his overpaid left fielder isn’t hitting for power.

Yes sir, Opening Day is a week from today, and the forecast is for rain and temperatures in the 40s.

 Isn’t life grand?

6 thoughts on “Alderson: Taking stock of the Mets.

  1. Wait, by all accounts, the EARLIEST Young will start in the minors is June. So how does his addition equal a 6 man rotation? If they were going to do that, they would have to do it from the start of the season. In addition, doing so would wreak havoc with the rest of the rotation.

    Bay is hitting like 200 with no RBI this spring, so he appears to be in mid-season form (/sarcasm)

    The pen will be fine. I think it will be better than last year (then again, it wouldn’t be hard to be better than that craptastic collection would it?)

    As for the depth, well, I like Sandy, but that’s kinda his fault, no? He signs the players after all.

    I’m hoping he is just trying to lower expectations, then again, I think most fans expectations are already quite low.

    It’s gonna be a looooong season folks.

    • Ed: You have that right. Alderson was throwing out the six-man rotation, but you’re right, it would take a couple of months to implement, and with no assurances of success. … The expectations have never been lower, and even with the positive ruling in the Madoff case, there’s no signs of busting out.-JD

  2. At least Sandy is giving it to us straight.

    I rather candor than the line that we will be great and we will win the division and be competitive.

    We all know what we have. I think it is great that the GM is stating it like it is.

    • Dave: For the most part he’s been straight with the public, something other administrations have not done. Of course, I would have liked more candor with Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran, but we got a big enough picture.-JD