Murphy clanks at second; Mets lose again.

This will happen more than a few times this season, so let’s get used to it. Murphy is learning the position and the Mets don’t have a minor league option they can plug into second, let alone one who can hit as well as Murphy. Before it’s all over, providing Murphy doesn’t get hurt again, he’ll help the Mets more with his bat than he will hurt them with his glove.

MURPHY: Was his problems in the field.

The Mets are literally a patchwork team and second base is one of those patches. Had Jose Reyes stayed, Ruben Tejada would be more than satisfactory at second base.

In Murphy, the Mets have a potentially potent bat with an erratic glove at second base. Murphy had positive moments when they played him at first and I have a good feeling he’ll be more than adequate at second by the end of the season.
Wasted was a quality start by Jon Niese, who gave up two runs with six strikeouts in six innings. With Santana a question, Niese enters the season the Mets’ most reliable pitcher.

13 thoughts on “Murphy clanks at second; Mets lose again.

    • dave: What’s not to like? The $2 billion value placed on the Dodgers can’t but help increase the value of the Mets. It won’t take away their debts, but it could make it easer for them to borrow. It’s like a mansion going up in a neighborhood. It enhances everybody’s value.-JD

  1. I think it’s a mistake playing Murphy at second but his “Dr No” glove is not the reason why I am expecting a last place finish.

    • Dan: Don’t know where else to put Murphy unless you can trade him to the AL where he can be a DH. And, you’re right, Murphy wouldn’t be the lone reason for a last place finish. Too many other things going on with this team.-JD

  2. Somebody posted on the site a few months ago that said Murphy’s best position on the field is when he is in the batters box hitting. The defense at 2nd base critical and I just dont like the direction the Mets are going with this. I like Murphy a lot but I dont like him at 2nd base. 3rd or 1st would be his better options but not on this team. What happens if Murphy is struggling with his defense and it starts to hurt his hitting? What happens if his defense begins to cost Mets potential wins game after game? I guess we will find out starting next week.

    • Glen. I once wrote Murphy’s best position is batter. Still is. Second base is a touch place to insert a player, but he’s not going to move out Ike Davis (first), David Wright (third) and Lucas Duda (right). It is almost by default that he’s playing second base. He’ll undoubtedly cost the Mets some games with his defense – providing he doesn’t hurt himself – but I’m thinking the Mets’ position is he’ll get more opportunities to help the team at the plate than to hurt it in the field.-JD

  3. Murphy is why the Mets should be on the “bring the DH to the NL” bandwagon. Not that I like or hate the DH. Given my age (early 40’s), I grew up with it being part of baseball, it seems silly to me to have different rules.

    I’m thinking next year, when interleague is no longer limited, we might see it become the rule in the NL as well. The AL has a competitive advantage with the DH. The union will NEVER allow it to go away. Owners/GM’s should support it, as it will protect pitchers (Wang and Burnett as examples of what can go wrong. I know, those are “flukes”, but given the price premium put on pitchers, I would think the owners would want to protect them). If not next year, then the year after.

    • Ed: I’m not a big DH fan, but I believe they should mandate it that everybody has the same rules. Frank Robinson once told me the DH nonsense would reach a head when an AL team would insist on using the DH in the NL or risk forfeiture. It will take some maverick in the AL. And, once that barrier is broken, the NL can’t help but follow suit. Not having the same rules is like having the AFC allowed a two-point conversion but the NFC not. Makes no sense. One of Selig’s mistakes.-DH