Will Mets hold back Santana?

This injury-riddled spring for the Mets has had one bright spot and that is the rehab of Johan Santana. His velocity has increased, topped off at 92, then leveled off to the high 80s in yesterday’s start.

SANTANA: Will they hold him back?

Santana’s arm strength has improved, but not to where the Mets would have hoped to start the season. I don’t believe a final start will get him to the level the Mets want, so after all the work he and the Mets have put in, why push the envelope now?

It’s been two years, so what’s another couple of weeks? The Mets must be cautious with this decision because Santana could represent a competitive and fun summer. I see the Mets holding back a couple of weeks to give Santana more time to build his strength with an extended spring training.




6 thoughts on “Will Mets hold back Santana?

  1. I totally agree with you, John.The Mets need to be very cautious with Johan and bring him back slowly. We can’t force him to be great right off the bat. Terry Collins should ease him into the rotation. Yes, it would be great to see him on Opening Day provided Johan only pitch a few innings. I think the fans would love that, and with Opening Day being so emotional this year (Gary Carter ceremony pre-game), it would be nice to see Johan there.

    • Hi Clare. Thanks for your response. I hope you’ll visit here often. It’s going to be a long time, if ever, before Johan Santana reaches his All-Star level. There are just so many issues swirling around this team and a healthy Santana would alleviate some of the pressure. The last thing they need is to force him. It’s a long season.-JD

  2. I disagree, if Santana had any setback at all I would agree in holding Santana back. He he had advanced very well. He is going to be given extra rest for the first month because of the off days and I can see him being on a short lease until after the first month of the season is over.

    As far as speed goes, if Santana sits at 89-91, he will be fine. That is enough of a difference with his changeup that he can still pitch effectively. Pitchers go through dead arm periods in spring training and it happens. Santana’s command could use more time but Santana looks good

  3. “When Dickey tears a band of tissue in the bottom of his foot last season at Wrigley Field, he intentionally minimized the pain to team doctor Jonathan Deland, then takes a shot of Toradol in the backside before all of his starts the remainder of the season. Dickey said he always advises young pitchers to avoid the DL at all costs, since your replacement can be your successor.”

    I remember we had questions about Dickey last year. Whether he could repeat 2010.

    • Dave. Dickey did have a slow start last year, but came on in the end. Now that he’s an accomplished author and movie director, will he still bring it to the mound? Actually, just kidding on that one. I think he’ll be fine.-JD