New look here; same old look for Mets.

As you can tell, the blog has a new look. Many thanks to Joe DeCaro for his help. There will be some more subtle changes over the next few days with the overhaul complete by Opening Day. The new look has energized me and I’m looking forward to the season more than ever. As they have been for the past few seasons, I know the expectations are low for the Mets. Even so, there’s always something about the start of a new season. With Opening Day a little over a week away, the Mets have several questions that must be answered:

Q: Will David Wright be ready?

A: He hopes to play today, but said the odds are 50-50. I don’t know if a week is enough time to get ready. He could possibly open the season on the DL. If not, a slow start is almost assured.

Q: Will Johan Santana be ready?

A: It would be just like it for the Mets for Santana to be ready and not Wright. Santana made strong progress this spring and his availability will give the Mets a spring to their step. Santana will start today with a target of 90 pitches.

Q: What about the other injured?

A: Andres Torres, Ruben Tejada, Garret Olson and a few others have nagging injuries. Tim Byrdak will open the season on the DL and that’s also a possibility for Scott Hairston. On the plus side, Ike Davis seems fine.

Q: What’s going on with Mike Pelfrey?

A: Pelfrey said his ankle is fine and shouldn’t be used as an excuse. Too bad. That would mean his awful pitching is because he’s awful. I don’t believe Pelfrey can turn it on immediately after a lousy spring.

Q: Will Jason Bay find his stroke?

A: He’s been looking for several years now and is still struggling to be the player the Mets hoped.


7 thoughts on “New look here; same old look for Mets.

  1. You are pretty on target here as usual.

    Pelfrey should be in the minors but we have no one else. Pelfrey needs to solve his own problems. I think they could fix Pelfrey with a good catcher. He has done well when he trusts his catcher. Unfortunately they have Thole who has his own issues.

    This team is 2 years away from being taken seriously by the fans.

  2. I was surprised the site changed.

    Overall I like it. I am trying to get used to the size of it. Everything is so big. Not sure if I like that r not. It will take a few weeks for me to settle in.

    • Dave. I hope you come to like it and will continue to be a reader. I started feeling stagnant with the old one. I think this is cleaner and will be more attractive in an advertising sense, too.-JD

  3. I just realized you have the navigation links at the top of the article. Can you add them to the bottom as well as the comments? Otherwise with many comments you have to go to the top in order to go forward or back.

  4. John,

    I like the changes on the website. It is much easier to read.

    I am not defending Pelfrey but he has always had bad spring training’s. That being said he has looked awful with the games I have watched. This is his year. If he pitches well he will most likely be traded. If he pitches bad he will be non-tendered next winter because his salary will be too big for what he is producing. I am looking forward to watching some of the younger players play this year. Also, if the Mets are not contending I would imagine anyone would possibly be availiable for trades. Since there will be an expanded playoff, it could be a sellers market leading up to the trading deadline.

    Bay is somebody that I am interested in seeing as well. Since the walls have moved in all excuses will be gone for him and Wright. I disagree is signing Wright to an extension right now. Let him play out and see how he does this year. The new rules do not allow the compensation for Wright if he was to become a free agent as previous rules did if he is traded to a new team during the middle of the year. Wright is more likely to get traded/signed to an extension in the offseason . If Niese takes the next step I would think about signing him to an extension to buy out a couple of free agent years. It will be interesting to see if Alderson signs younger players to long term deals to buy out the arbitration years/free agent years if he sees them as part of the future.

    Also, for everyone out there. I purchased he MLB.TV package for the entire season and I have to say it is the best money I have ever spent. Since I live on the West Coast I can watch every Met game. I have previously purchased he Extra Inninging Package and I cancelled it for this year.

    • Glen: Glad you like the site. Now that I know you’re on the West Coast I’ll stay up late and chat with you during the games. … I think your take on the trade deadline is accurate. If the Mets are sellers, then open the doors. Would be nice for someone to want Bay and Santana, but that’s just dreaming.-JD