Pelfrey just doesn’t get it.

Mike Pelfrey continues to tick me off. This time, it is hearing the news has been pitching with a high right ankle sprain during spring training. Pelfrey said he injured his ankle in the offseason and aggravated it the beginning of camp.

PELFREY: Will it ever happen for him?

There are several ways to look at this, none of them good for the Mets:

* If Pelfrey is injured, then he’s a complete idiot for not telling the Mets’ trainers and medical staff immediately. It is common knowledge in the sport that leg injuries often lead to arm injuries because it alters the pitcher’s mechanics and puts a strain on the arm.

As a pitcher, how does Pelfrey, either not know this or chooses to ignore it? Just plain stupid.

Pelfrey came to camp saying this could be a make or break season for him, so given that, why would he take such a risk? Just dumb.

* These get their ankles wrapped every day. How could a trainer miss this? There has to be tenderness, soreness, slight swelling or change in color.

* What does pitching coach Dan Warthen have to say about this? Warthen told reporters the ankle is why Pelfrey has primarily pitched out of the stretch most of this spring and why his velocity was down. So, with that answer, Warthen is saying he sent Pelfrey out there knowing he had a bum ankle. That’s got to be a new level of stupid.

Still, it goes back to Pelfrey. It’s his ankle. It’s his career. He’s been around long enough to know what to do and hiding an injury always comes back to bite you. It’s proof he really doesn’t get it.

In 9.2 innings this season, Pelfrey has given up 18 runs on 20 hits and six walks. That stinks by any measure.

I read where sources close to the team suggested if Pelfrey were dealt he’d be great somewhere else. Sources close to the team DOES NOT mean affiliated with the team. Even if that is the Mets’ thinking, it shouldn’t be. That was the fear in releasing Oliver Perez, remember?

If Pelfrey does leave and develops it will be because of a change in the pitching coach and the light suddenly goes on.

Currently, Pelfrey is not pitching well enough to deserve a chance in the major league rotation. Sending him out there just to accumulate innings is not a good explanation. It’s the same thing as saying “we got to get this over with.’’ It is also an admission they have nobody else.

The Mets’ best hope with Pelfrey, as it was with Perez, for him to somehow turn it on. Given the remoteness of that happening, their next best option is to send him to the minors, have him heal and hopefully fix himself. Perhaps he can then come up, give the Mets a handful of quality starts to attract attention at the trade deadline.

As far as who would take his place? Sign a major league reject off the scrap heap or go with the Mets’ highest rated prospect. As far as going to a four-man rotation, there are enough off days in April for that to work, but it is uncertain how that might impact Johan Santana if he were to make the Opening Day roster.

Santana is another thing keeping Pelfrey around. The Mets don’t dare do anything until they are certain about Santana.


5 thoughts on “Pelfrey just doesn’t get it.

  1. It kinda sounds like he told them at some point that he is hurt. This then goes back to the Mets.

    Same old same old. New GM same old same old.

    This goes back to the owners. Same old same old.

    When can we fire the owners? They have been killing my team for years.

    I am not absolving BigPelf, but he is an employee. If he balks they label him as a bad team player and he gets a reputation. Remember how they treat their stars? Beltran, David, etc? Johan did it right. Of course he is smart, a veteran who knows what to do and has a big contract.

  2. I am just had enough of Pelf right now. I wish the Mets didn’t tender him for this year. Pelf is so erratic that I need to leave the room mad. I say bring in another pitcher or get Matt Harvey up here.

  3. Did you even check the schedule??? There are only 3 off days in April and one is the second day of the season. There is a game 11 days in a row in April. How does a 4 man rotation work????

  4. If warthen knew then don’t blame pelf …means pelf did the right thing and warthen an med staff did the usual ignored…
    Blame warthen .. I have never disliked a pitching coach as much as this guy ..

  5. can they even send pelfrey down at this point? I would assume he is out of options, otherwise, there would be more written/said about this possibility.
    Otherwise, he would have to agree to the assignment, and methinks a Scott Boras client is not going to accept a demotion. It messes up the book that Coras writes you see.