Defense up the middle weak

Traditionally, winning teams are built for strength up the middle: catcher, pitching, second base and shortstop, and center field.

That’s not looking good so far for the Mets, especially with center fielder Andres Torres sidelined with a strained calf muscle.

With minor league prospect Kirk Nieuwenhuis suffering with a strained oblique, manager Terry Collins will experiment with infielder Jordany Valdespin and Jason Bay in center. I can see Bay, but Valdespin is total desperation and an indictment on the Mets’ lack of depth and foresight to bolster the position.

Second base is a concern because of Daniel Murphy’s lack of experience at the position. He’s awkward around the bag and doesn’t have consistent footwork. Meanwhile, there’s no doubt about Ruben Tejada’s defensive prowess at shortstop, but there is the matter of playing a full season.

As for the pitching, both the rotation and bullpen are deep with questions and concerns. This isn’t a strikeout staff and still walks more hitters than it should. As for the bullpen, it is patchwork with no proven lefty.

Josh Thole came up with a lot of potential, especially at the plate. He’s still relatively new at the plate and it shows with his ability to call a game and block pitches. He is still far away from being proven.


4 thoughts on “Defense up the middle weak

  1. Our catching is terrible. Thole went for a spell last year where he couldn’t catch a thing. As you say 2b is an experiment and there is no backup for CF. We have a few CF in the minors. Capt Kirk as you say is hurt and others are further down. They built a bench but why could they not have a legit player who can play CF? I do not recall but hasn’t Torres been hurt recently?

  2. So the Mets themselves bout 3 of the 12 minority shares and companies affiliated with the Mets bought 2 more. That is 5 of the 12 shares that were essentially sold in house.

    Then there were 2 buddies from media.

    So of the $240M the Mets took in $100M came from themselves.

    What does this tell you about the state of the finances of the team?

    David will follow Jose out the door. No question.

  3. dave (1-2): Yes, Torres was recently hurt. The Mets are paper tissue thin. … Despite the minority shares, the Mets’ financial ship is a long way from being settled.-JD

  4. This is really exciting! I don’t think you’ve taken into account the human factor, but still a good post.