Pelfrey ripped again; Tejada injured.

Mike Pelfrey said he felt he was better today against the Cardinals than in his last start. Can you imagine what would have happened if he felt worse?

Pelfrey gave up four runs on six hits – including two homers – in 4 1/3 innings this afternoon. Once again, Pelfrey’s problem was a flat sinker. One of his problems last season was a lack of movement on his pitches, and movement is far more important than velocity.

Another down note was Ruben Tejada scratched with a groin injury. He’ll miss tomorrow’s game, also.

Terry Collins got testy after learning of Tejada’s injury. I brought this up yesterday and it is worthy of another mention … the Mets need to re-evaluate their off-season and pre-game conditioning and warm-up programs. reported 14 of 55 Mets have been on an injury report this spring, which is roughly 25 percent, an unusually high number.


3 thoughts on “Pelfrey ripped again; Tejada injured.

  1. Was Pelf using speed at all?

    I think Ron mentioned this in his last game where he was all one speed on all his pitches.

    He needs to go to the minors to learn to pitch without the public scrutiny. It won’t happen as there is no depth on this team.

  2. Pelf should have been in the minors 3 yrs ago to learn how to pitch. Sadly, it is too late now.
    They blew it, they rushed him and made him drop the curve (thanks Rick!).
    As Cerrano said, I cannot hit curveball. Straightball I hit it very much.

  3. I only caught one pre season game but so far this is a soap opera. The mets are picking up from last seasons episode.
    I just don’t know what to think …