Time to re-evaluate conditioning program

The Mets’ medical staff has been under scrutiny for years, but maybe it is time to re-evaluate the team’s off-season and spring training conditioning programs.

WRIGHT: Was his injury preventable?

Seven Mets, including David Wright, who returned to New York for further exams today on his side, have rib cage, oblique or upper body injuries. Manager Terry Collins offered several theories, none of which are acceptable from a team that should know what it is doing. Collins mentioned excessive weight training, overworking in pre-game warm-ups, too much caffeine and not stretching properly or seriously.

All these suggestions are preventable, and honestly, inexcusable. One or two issues is one thing, but the Mets have seven players ailing since spring training. That doesn’t suggest a team with a handle on things.

Wright, Kirk Niewenhuis, Scott Hairston, and Robert Carson have side muscle injuries. Lucas Duda, Daniel Herrera and Reese Havens have back issues. To be fair, I don’t know what it is like with these injuries in other camps, but seven is an epidemic.

Either the players haven’t been schooled or given the proper conditioning programs, the teaching of such is inadequate, or these guys don’t know what they are doing. When it comes to the body core, flexibility is as important as strength.

When Sandy Alderson and Collins took over last year, they promised a return to basics and fundamentals, and that should include conditioning, too. The Mets aren’t a team that can afford any setbacks, and this shouldn’t be occurring, at least not to this degree.

9 thoughts on “Time to re-evaluate conditioning program

  1. Do baseball players believe that flexibility is as important as strength?

    I watch all these superman physiques on tv for ball players. I watch old games every once in a while on tv from the 80’s or whatever and don’t see pitchers or shortstops who look like they stepped out of a muscle magazine.

    We have all this emphasis on training and yet most pitchers cannot get out of the 6th inning. Where in the not too distant past if a pitcher could not pitch 7 he was in the minors or the pen.

    When is baseball going to teach its players fundamental skills in the minors? You give these guys huge contracts and yet they cannot perform their job.

  2. Just read something on our former CF/RF. I wonder what players will sign with the Mets since they all know how they handle their star players.

    They call out their star for getting surgery to get himself healed because the crack medical staff knows how to keep their players healthy.

    The team owner rags on all his players as scrubs to the media because he has such a great team.

    Who would want to come play for the Wilpons even if they weren’t bankrupt?

  3. You forgot to mention the lousy manager (oh wait he can’t be lousy, the god of roids Sandy Alderson picked him) having old players like Torres run the bases in the first spring game like it was a late Aug showdown with the padres for the second worst record in the league. Collins sets the example with his inconsistent managing and with his selling his players out to the press.

  4. Who will be our 3B if David stays injured?

    It seems we have an A ball pitcher who may be our go to lefty specialist. I was reading how the finances affected not just blowing off Jose but getting journeymen players to fill out the roster if we have injuries.

    So presumably we may have Justin Turner as the starter at 3b and a depleted pen to start the season.

    Oh. And Pelfrey should probably be in the minors to learn how to pitch but he is the best #4/#5 pitcher we have.

  5. dave (1, 3 6): Today’s player places a greater emphasis on strength than flexibility by far. It is common to see players hit the weight room AFTER night games and the pre-game stretching is a joke. Most guys simply screw around. …. You’re right on Beltran. Potential free agents do take notice on how teams treat their injured players. How they messed with Beltran on his surgery was not ignored by players or agents. …. Justin Turner plays third if David Wright is not ready.-JD

  6. Nathan (4): Collins can’t afford losing his cool after learning of Tejada’s injury today. What good does it serve? And, Alderson’s resume will always include the steroid fueled Bash Brothers.-JD

  7. John(7)

    I am surprised that with all the trainers and doctors on the payroll that more emphasis is not put on flexibility. It would reduce these injuries which have a real impact on health and availability. What good is it to bench 200 lbs when you go out and rip something and can’t play for half the season?

    I guess looking good is more important than being good.