Reasons for playing it safe with Wright.

This much I know about rib cage and oblique injuries: They tend to linger, and often until past when you think you’re healed.

WRIGHT: Playing it safe with their biggest chip.

First it was a couple of games. Now it is until next week. And, even that’s a little vague for when David Wright will return. If Wright is shut down for another week, so be it. The biggest deterrent for him not being ready by Opening Day is for the injury to be aggravated.

The last thing the Mets need is for this to drag on into the season and sap his production in the first half. Not only will it hurt the Mets on the field, but also reduces Wright’s value in the trade market. Don’t think for a moment that hasn’t crossed Sandy Alderson’s mind.

“We’ll see when they’re going to let him back on the field,’’ manager Terry Collins told reporters. “There’s no pain at all, no discomfort at all. All great signs. He even told me the other day that it was really a good move to slow this down.’’

We know the Mets don’t have much depth, but this gives Justin Turner more reps at third base, which is a good thing.

The Mets have long been known for rushing players back from injury, so it is a positive to see them taking care of Wright. Who is not only their best player, but their most valuable trade commodity.

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