Keeping an eye on Pelfrey.

Of all the Mets’ pitchers, Mike Pelfrey might be the most intriguing because this summer could determine his future with the team. Another year like 2011, and he’ll be pitching elsewhere in 2013.

There are few things less watchable in sports than a spring training intrasquad game, but Pelfrey threw two hitless innings and said he was happy with his sinker. That’s the pitch he must refine this year.

There are younger pitchers who are ahead of Pelfrey in their development, but the glimpses he has flashed makes him worth waiting for … but for how long?


2 thoughts on “Keeping an eye on Pelfrey.

  1. I agree.

    This is an old problem. As his price goes up the question becomes do you believe?

    I think everyone can agree that he has talent. The question is can he overcome his issues? Other younger ( in terms of major league time ) pitchers on the staff seem to have a better handle on how to get through tough innings. Pelfrey absolutely needs to learn how to pitch and not just throw the ball.

  2. dave (1): He plans to go more with the sinker than the splitter this year. Ron Darling said Pelfrey was working on too many pitches. That makes sense. Hopefully simplifying things will work for him. We shall see.-JD