Dykstra hitting rock bottom.

As a player, Lenny Dykstra had a fearless, out-of-control mentality. He played with a reckless streak that translated to stardom on the field.

DYKSTRA: No longer a boy of summer. (AP Photo)

However, the field and society are two different animals and Dykstra’s you-can’t-touch-me persona caught up with him after retirement and appears to have landed him in jail.

Dykstra was sentenced to three years in a California state prison in a grand theft auto case. Dykstra, using a phony business as a front, tried to lease and then sell high-end cars.

It makes you wonder how somebody who seemingly had it all, kicked away everything. You want to feel bad for Dykstra, but you can’t help but to think “what the hell was going on inside his head?”

Maybe he got caught up with the wrong people; maybe he was arrogant and stupid and didn’t think the rules applied to him; maybe bad investments caused mountainous debt and he panicked, turned to drugs and spun out of control.

Who know what it was, but in the end “Nails,” is staring into the abyss. Hopefully, something will happen and he can turn is life around. If he serves time and mixed in with the general population, Dykstra will learn quickly he’s not as tough as he thought he was.

He had been living in a sober living facility, but he’s facing big boy prison. And, things won’t get easier for him as he faces federal bankruptcy charges and will stand trial this summer.

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2 thoughts on “Dykstra hitting rock bottom.

  1. Somewhere along the way I noticed he was giving options advice. I think he got wiped out betting on the market and perhaps turned to other businesses after the options gig exploded.

    That is a guess, but I too have been watching this train wreck and it ain’t pretty.