Mets need to hit the streets hawking tickets.

Over the last few days I was on the website and noticed ads for Yankees tickets. Even on the Mets site. I don’t see the Mets on the ESPN site advertising for tickets.

Actually, I don’t t see any ads by the Mets for tickets anywhere.

The Yankees will outdraw the Mets this year even without the ads, but they are still in there pitching for business while the team from Flushing does nothing.

Now is the time, when there’s the spring interest in baseball to promote, but I’m not seeing much of that – just more from the Yankees. The Mets need to be all over the newspapers, the Internet, radio and TV hawking their tickets.

You will undoubtedly see commercials for Mets tickets on SNY, but want to guess how much they’ll pay for them?

I know a lot of fans complain about ticket prices even though the Mets have dropped their rates. There is such a thing as supply and demand, and when the supply is high and demand is low, something must be done to get the buyer to act. That something is lower the prices again until the customer will act.

It is quite simple really, that in absence of a winning product on the field, the Mets must do something to generate interest in purchasing tickets.

I know what they are thinking: “If we lower the ticket price from $50 to $40 we are losing $10.’’ That’s not true, because if nobody is buying the ticket at $50 they are losing a chance at $50.

It is better to lower the price than to have the seat go empty. Of course, it is still better to put a competitive team on the field.


7 thoughts on “Mets need to hit the streets hawking tickets.

  1. Yes

    I haven’t noticed ads for the Mets either.

    John, perhaps you need to be their marketing director. You seem to know more about this than they do.

    I wonder if the ticket prices are still higher than they were in the old stadium.

    You have a bad team in a big market and you want the same ticket prices as the team across town. Ain’t gonna happen.

    They could also try getting new customers by having day games so kids can go when the sun is out and its nice. Come to think of it they can do that during the weekends too. Why have night games on a weekend?

  2. dave (1): There are so many seat locations that I don’t know the average in comparison to Shea Stadium. I do know that the original prices at Citi Field have dropped, but not in all locations.-JD

  3. I equate this to tolls. If you keep them low you make money through volume. If you raise them you lose the volume and may just break even because of the raise price. People are finally doing the right thing by not using the service when it gets expensive …
    People are losing jobs are getting salary reductions meanwhile cost of living keeps going up.
    Same for sports tickets. I dont care how good the hotdog is it ain’t worth 8 bux.

  4. well if the product is bad ( not winning ) ppl will not want to go to the game. if the tkts are low they will go anyway as a mild diversion. but if you drop a few hundred for a family of four why do you want to go?

    if they are winning they can raise the prices because the demand will be there. not from fans but from companies. they will buy tkts for team building an an afternoon or evening out. but the yanks are the draw and if the mets suck no one will want to go.

  5. FYI

    Well they made pix 11 news. Being the paupers ….
    Since 2009 depleting attendance and the fact our owners got ponzi-ed.
    Sigh we need a hostile take over..
    Fricken GM should get impeached for the lack of impartiality …