Anxious for Santana

I am on record as saying not to expect anything from Johan Santana, but I can’t help but wonder about his bullpen session today in which he faces live hitters.

SANTANA: Will it be a ``thumbs up'' day for him?

There’s always that competitive rush pitchers get when throwing to a hitter and Santana is smart enough not to let his adrenalin get the best of him. Afterall, it has been a long process so far and we don’t want any setbacks.

A good showing from Santana today – and it all comes down to how he’s feeling afterward – can give this camp a shot of life. With Santana on the mound the Mets believe they have a good chance to win the game, and that’s a feeling they don’t always have with others in the rotation.

We all know what not having Santana means: A vast hole in the rotation with no real No. 1; no stopper makes it possible for long losing streaks; and most importantly, the black cloud continues to hang over this organization.


4 thoughts on “Anxious for Santana

  1. I can only think that Chien Ming Wang had similar surgery and it took 2 years.

    Also Wang had arthroscope where Santana had his shoulder opened making the surgery more invasive. And he’s older.

    It is Spring and everyone is hopeful. I fear Santana will run into a problem and won’t pitch or won’t pitch much this year.

  2. Steve C (1): Nice to hear from you again. I agree with you on that one. I can see them making a change from Warthen if the pitching is still bad after this season.-JD

  3. dave (2): Wang did have the same injury, but you’re right, Santana’s was invasive. I have not heard of an example where somebody came off this and resumed his old form.-JD