It’s not going to end here

They are still talking about adding an extra wild card , but it won’t end there. The one-game playoff is bound to drag on to three games, then five ….

I realize the old format will never be again, but the more you add to the playoff format the more the sport is diluted. The season drags on long enough as it is and this won’t help matters. What if there’s two teams vying for the final seed? Do you add another game?

The suggested format would allow the three division winners first-round byes, but what if one of the wild cards has a superior record to a division winner. ┬áThat’s not entirely fair, either.

As it is, the integrity of the regular season is compromised because of interleague play the unbalanced schedule as not every team runs the same race to October. Unfortunately, I never see them doing away with interleague play although it is not nearly the success Major League Baseball portrays it to be. Interleauge play is compelling in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, but other than that, who really cares?

Yes, they’ll show up in Pittsburgh when the Yankees are in town, but there’s nothing exciting about seeing the Royals or Mariners come in. There’s just not the draw MLB executives believe.

Sadly, as long as Bud Selig is commissioner, interleague play is here to stay.

If they really want to do something about the integrity of the regular season, and by extension, the playoffs, here’s a system that could work.

I’d do away with the division format and simply have the two leagues. If they insist on interleague play, they could structure it where every team plays the same schedule. The same schedule promotes fairness.

From there, I’d take the top four teams and seed them so one plays four and two plays three. That would ┬ábe a fairer and more equitable solution.




4 thoughts on “It’s not going to end here

  1. 2 leagues won’t work

    you can only have 2 regular season champions.

    Now you can have 6. It is marketing.

    I agree baseball is terrible.

    The old way is the best. Win your division and you’re in. If you don’t there is always next year. This way the games mean something.

    I can see where Selig will have a format where every team makes it to the post season. This way everyone gets more revenue.

    The regular season will become meaningless and the season will end in February in time to start Spring training. Every team will play in a dome or in the deep south where it is at least relatively warm in winter. Of course you will have to deal with hurricanes, but that is a detail.

    Selig is a putz.

  2. dave (1): I hate to say this, but I can see baseball someday going to a neutral site World Series like the Super Bowl. That will be the day I say good bye to the sport.-JD

  3. The same worn out argument. Gee, they ruined baseball by moving the WS to night time…How horrible….more people get to see the WS. They ruined baseball by adding the DH. How horrible. No double switches. The best players get to stay in the game. And they ruined baseball by adding the playoffs Did you whine when they started playoffs in ’69? How horrible…More fans have a team with a chance to win it all. And to poster #1. How can you approve multiple divisions. Wasn’;t it best when there were just 2 leagues without divisions!!!! You missed a change to whine about. How horrible that things change, and every change just has to be for the worse …at least according to the never wending whiners of the worl.

  4. Nathan

    I am happy that you disagree with me on this, but you don’t have to whine about it.