“There’s no need to fear … ”

I understand the intent of the Underdog T-shirts, I really do. But, doesn’t anybody think these things through?


By accepting the notion you’re an underdog, by extension, you’re accepting you’re inferior. As David Wright said, it only underscores the low expectations outside the organization. Why would you want to to embrace that?

Sure, at the end of the season if they made an incredible run into contention, then go for it as a rallying cry. But to enter the season on that notion isn’t a sound admission. In reality, it’s just a gimmick, and gimmicks never won anything. It’s cute, and cute is for kittens and not baseball teams.

More to the point, claiming underdog status is difficult for a New York team to do, especially one with a new stadium and since 2006 has maintained one of the top payrolls in the game. Claiming to be an underdog now only highlights the team’s downward slide.


5 thoughts on ““There’s no need to fear … ”

  1. Sigh….
    I get the joke , I do….
    I understand they have a patch to honor the kid …
    I say the team declares to play the way Gary would want ..
    And there endeth the lesson

  2. I agree.

    A team that historically has the 4th highest payroll in the majors cannot claim to be underdog.

    Does it really matter?

    Last year the owner publicly declared his disdain for his team and more specifically its star players.

    Do they really give a rats ass what the owner thinks? They already know he despises them.

    I wonder if they have a life size poster of him in the clubhouse a la ‘Major League’.

  3. Knowing the Wilpon’s luck they will get sued for trademark infringement and have to pay even more money.