Delcos: Notes from the first day of camp.

* Quote of the Day: “I’m to the point now where I have to be developed and I have to be ready to play on a daily basis. That’s the biggest thing for me is not to use that as a crutch.”

That was Josh Thole talking about this being a make-or-break year for him. It’s true. Hard to believe, but this is Thole’s third year on the major league level and he needs improvement behind the plate and at-bat. Thole came up with a reputation for patience at the plate, but deviated from that last season. His game  calling also became suspect last year, as was his defense (eventually, he’ll have to learn to catch R.A. Dickey).

* Jenrry Mejia isn’t ready to throw yet. There’s no way he’ll be ready in early part of the season. The Mets still don’t know what role they are planning for Mejia, but what seems to be apparent is it isn’t a stretch to assume his arm problems might be linked to how the Mets have bounced him around from role to role.

* Word is the Mets aren’t giving out No. 7, the number worn by Jose Reyes. Why? Are they keeping the light on for him? The sooner they give out No. 7, the sooner they are moving on without him. He’s gone. Get used to it.


3 thoughts on “Delcos: Notes from the first day of camp.

  1. Josh needs to learn how to field his position. He was brought here because we were desperate. He hit well enough so we kept him to support a lame duck manager and GM.

    He really should be in the minors to learn how to play without the NY media questioning everything about him.

    Too bad about Jenrry. Hopefully they can calm him down and make him a starter and let him just pitch.

    They should put #7 on ice. Next year they should just give it to someone and let the fans have at it.

  2. I just read that Dickey is the lone knuckler. They need more of those guys. It is fun to see guys wrapping themselves up as pretzels chasing the ball.