Encouraging news about Ike Davis

Several key Mets enter spring training coming off significant injuries. When it comes to injuries, I fall into the “I’ll believe it when I see it” category.

DAVIS: Ankle feeling better.

What Ike Davis is seeing – and feeling – is progress in his recovering from last year’s ankle injury which kept him out of most of the season. He told reporters “he’s good to go,” and that he’d be apprehensive if he felt any discomfort.

His most telling comment was: “If I play horrible, it’s not my ankle’s fault. It’s just because I’m not very good.”

Nobody is expecting Davis to be horrible, or even just average for that matter. Davis was stroking the ball when he sustained a bone bruise in a collision with David Wright. His seven homers and 25 RBI in just 129 at-bats had him on pace to hit 30 homers with 110 RBI.

Remember, that was on-pace, not numbers he’d previously reached. It’s exciting to think about Davis’ potential power production, but he’s never had a full season where he’s hit 30 homers, so we can’t say for sure he’ll reach that plateau.

There’s a lot to like about Davis. He has raw power and has gotten better around the bag. This is a guy teams would hope to build around. We know Wright can hit and Bay has hit in the past. If all three live up to their potential, the Mets could have an imposing middle of the order.



4 thoughts on “Encouraging news about Ike Davis

  1. I saw something that said he will never be the same. That his ankle will always bother him.

    This is not to say that he cannot play well, but apparently he will never be new again.

  2. I saw this about Jenrry

    “Terry Collins worried Mejia would see Bobby Parnell throwing gas off a mound if Mejia arrived to camp early and ramp up his activity too quickly.”

    So they don’t want him in camp because they fear he will get amped up.

  3. I just read it as a young player being amped to play ball. So to prevent any issues you keep him away.