No problems with Alderson on social media.

Sandy Alderson came here as a caretaker with commissioner Bud Selig’s blessing. He knew he was inheriting a mess and was brought in to clean it up. In his introductory press conference, Alderson promised a new culture and a better connection with the fans.

Social media is a part of that.

ALDERSON: Trying to connect.

Alderson’s comment about holding a fund raiser for gas money was funny and taking a shot at the Mets’ finances was self-disparaging humor at its best. Better have Alderson make a crack than have the fans posting for days about the team having no money. It’s something Casey Stengel would have said.

Alderson is trying to relate to the fan base in way the organization hasn’t for years. Social media is that outlet.

The Mets send emails to their season-ticket holder, but Twitter is the way to say something to the masses spontaneously. I don’t expect Alderson to go on Twitter telling of contract negotiations and trade talks, but it doesn’t hurt when the man occasionally comes out from behind the curtain.




3 thoughts on “No problems with Alderson on social media.

  1. I agree. I don’t see the issue with this. I thought the comment was funny and showed he’s totally aware of the preception the media (and most people) have about the Mets. You know, the Mets are damned if they do, damned if they don’t. If Sandy or someone wasn’t willing to make some sort of tounge in cheek joke about it, it would be “they are in denial or avoiding the situation”. I saw a large number of negative posts on facebook from people last night about this and I just shake my head. It was a joke… a rather clever one at that. Give me a break people. Just goes to show you, unless the Mets pull off a miracle and contend this year there will not be one single positive thing written about the Mets (and even then most likely).