Not expecting much between now and spring training.

I’ve always considered the start of the baseball season to coincide with the Super Bowl. As the Giants parade down Broadway, the Mets are about to pack their equipment trucks for Florida.

Spring training is two weeks away and I don’t see the Mets doing anything of significance between now and then. Not that Rick Ankiel would have been a franchise changer, but he did fit a need and the Mets wouldn’t cough up the million bucks the Nationals just gave him.

There is no new light on the Mets’ financial problems, but considering they wouldn’t – or couldn’t – compete with the Nationals on a role player, we must figure they are heading into spring training with what they have and the hope everything breaks in the positive for them.

Wishing and hoping isn’t much of a foundation.

One thought on “Not expecting much between now and spring training.

  1. Ya gotta believe!

    Ya gotta believe Johan is healthy.

    Ya gotta believe Ike is healthy.

    Ya gotta believe Duda can keep mashing.

    Ya gotta believe David is an all star.

    Ya gotta believe Jason can hit again.

    Ya gotta believe the team can be respectable.