Idle thoughts while waiting for kickoff.

Watching the Super Bowl with the mute button, which might be the best way, and planning my week ahead and what I might write about the Mets.

Spring training is two weeks ago, and in seems it was only yesterday that it was only two months away. Time does creep up on you.

There are several things running through my mind pertaining to the Mets:

The Mets will get an influx of money from SNY and with another minor investor. Possibly up to $100 million. On the surface, the Mets have the money to make some significant moves, certainly more than what they did this winter. Even so, the money is earmarked for their expenses, including a potential hit in their court case pertaining to the Ponzi scandal. In short, the money is to go to the mortgage and not a new flat screen TV.

Only twice in seven years has Andres Torres played in over 100 games.  And, since he’s never been on the disabled list, it has to be talent related. The Mets have him penciled in as their center fielder, with Scott Hairston as the back-up. For a team with a spacious outfield and supposedly wants to build on pitching and defense, this is a dangerous sign. I still believe Rick Ankiel could benefit the Mets as a lefty bat and defensive presence.

Brad Penny was a .500 pitcher last season – 11-11 – and recently signed with Japan. I can’t believe there wasn’t any interest here. Surely, he could’ve helped the Mets’ rotation.

I don’t think the Mets will retire Gary Carter’s number, but I hope they honor him in some capacity this season – when he can still appreciate it.

The Mets once made annual winter caravans to drum up interest heading into spring training, with the players and coaches going from town to town. Lots of teams have FanFests in their cities, where the public can meet players and get in the baseball mood. Would be nice to see that again.


5 thoughts on “Idle thoughts while waiting for kickoff.

  1. Don’t know what kind of money Penny got from the team in Japan, but his W-L record was accompanied by an ERA+ of 77. He would have done better in the NL with the Mets, but I’m not high on him.

    Agree that Ankiel would be a good reserve OFer and LH-PH for the Mets.

    We’re stuck with the Wilponzis, unfortunately. Maybe they’re “too big to fail” in the eyes of Selig and the bankers. Our only hope is that they will get whacked big time in the court case and/or appeals. But I’m not expecting that to happen.

    Agree also about Carter. Honor him while he’s alive–like the Yanks did with Gehrig.

  2. The Mets did a three card monte deal in having their subsidiary become a minority investor. For all their talk of how easy it would be to find ppl willing to give these idiots money to bankroll the team after they turned down Einhorn it looks like no one is buying.

    The Mets should put Gary in the hall of fame. He was the missing piece to the puzzle. The fact that Doc was all coked up meant they were not the dynasty they should have been, but he added power and presence behind the plate.

    Knowing the way the Mets honor their own they will not honor the Kid until 3 years after he loses his battle with cancer. Perhaps they will put put Jackie Robinson in the Hall first.

    Sorry to be so morbid, just making a point about who our owners are.