Mets have option at outfield help.

There was some talk the Mets were monitoring the outfield market, but Juan Pierre is now off the market and they will find the asking prices for Johnny Damon, Kosuke Fukudome and Raul Ibanez to rich for their blood.

ANKIEL: Help at a reasonable price.

Vlad Guerrero is strictly a DH type, J.D. Drew is heading toward retirement and Magglio Ordonez is an injury question. All three would want more than the Mets are willing to pay, regardless.

Rick Ankiel is still available.

Ankiel, who made $1.5 million last year for Washington is within the Mets’ budget. Ankiel hit 25 homers for the 2008 Cardinals, but hasn’t come close to those numbers since, although he hit nine last season.

Ankiel isn’t a player to build around, but he does offer something of value to the Mets in three capacities: 1) as a left-handed bat, 2) an exceptional defensive replacement, and 3) as a back-up center fielder to Andres Torres.

Yeah, I can hear the groans already about Ankiel, but the truth is he can contribute in several areas at a reasonable price, and for the Mets that’s about the best they can hope for these days.


3 thoughts on “Mets have option at outfield help.

  1. Can the Mets afford Ankiel?

    I was reading more about our team. They are a mess that must deal with the dynasty aspirations of the bankrupt owner.

    They lost $70M last year and shed about $50M in the offseason. How are they going to add $1.5M for any player at this point?

    They will bring up Nieuwenhuis assuming his shoulder is healthy and pray that he can keep impressing with each promotion.

  2. They will not bring up Capt. Kirk. This mgmt team is not like the old one, who rished prospects.
    Besides, the kid ain’t ready, he strikes out way to much.